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Amazing Cooking Apps to Overload Your Phone

There are a ton of apps out there, but which ones are actually helpful? Whether you’re cooking up a big meal for the family, entertaining for guests or looking for tips and substitutions for tonight’s dinner Savvy Every Day has some worthwhile apps to try. These 12 apps have been rated as the best in their categories and are sure to get you through today’s kitchen dilemma. Keep reading to find your favorites!

Credit: Dollar Photo Club
Credit: Dollar Photo Club


Have you ever been in the middle of cooking a big meal only to realize that you’re missing a few ingredients? Leaving the house while trying to finish putting things together or with something already in the oven that needs your attention may not be possible, but using Instacart could be your solution. Simply shop the stores (like Whole Foods and Costco) in the app and someone who is already shopping at the store will pick up your groceries too then drop them off!

Available (Free): Google Play, iTunes Apps


From Start to finish, Food52 is your go-to party assistant. It shows you how to plan, shop and cook for your special occasion based on course and food type.

Available ($4) iTunes Apps


Figuring out what to make as a last-minute appetizer is a lot easier with the Cook4Lyfe app — it tells you some recipe options based on what’s already in your fridge and pantry!

Available ($2): iTunes

Green Kitchen

This app is handy to have loaded on your phone in case you have some vegetarian guests coming to your home, or if you want to make a healthy vegetarian meal once in a while. It’s filled with vegetarian recipes, stunning pictures and easy to follow step-by-step instructions.

Available ($5): iTunes


See a party recipe online that you really want to use? Paprika lets you grab recipes from online, pin recipes, create shopping lists and meal planners, and save your recipes across devices.

Available ($3): Google Play, iTunes


Whether a guest has a certain food allergy or you just realized you’re out of milk in the middle of a recipe, the Substitutions app is here to save the day. This app lets you search health-related substitutes and ingredient-specific substitutes.

Available ($2): iTunes

Epicurious Recipes & Shopping List

Looking for some fun new recipes based on dish? The Epicurious app is overflowing with recipes based on food type and if it’s in season, and it even lets you save recipes and create a shopping list based on your recipes to make meal planning for parties easier.

Available (Free): Google Play, iTunes

How To Cook Everything

This app goes with Mark Bittman’s book: How To Cook Everything and includes over 2,000 recipes as well as how-to illustrations. If there’s a recipe you’ve been wanting to try, it’s probably in this app.

Available ($5): iTunes

Hello Cupcake!

We all want to make pretty cupcakes, right? The Hello Cupcakes! app is the first step. Peruse through some tasty designs and shows you just how to construct these cute little cakes. Reviews say the extra in-app purchases are worth the buy for more cupcake designs, too.

Available (Free): iTunes


Ready to eat seasonally? Foodie is like a little food magazine filled with gorgeous photos and simple recipe steps in your phone. Food experts and bloggers join forces to create seasonally-themed dishes for each month’s release of recipes made to inspire the meals in your home.

Available (Free): iTunes


Based on the recipes you plan to cook, select which items are already in your fridge and which you may need to pick up, then watch as MealBoard creates a grocery list and tells you which nearby stores may have the items you need for the week.

Available ($3): iTunes

Food.com Every Day Is a Food Holiday

Ever wonder what the national food of the day is, or what yo should try to make in the kitchen today? Explore your adventurous side by trying out the Every Day Is a Food Holiday: Celebrating Food, Classic and Off-Beat, Every Day of the Year app.

Available (Free): iTunes

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