River and S reading a book by the Christmas tree
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Gifting Quality Time with Prime Book Box

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This time of year is always busy but since we’re expecting baby number three any day now, it feels especially hectic around here. With all the nesting projects, doctors appointments and overtime work to make up for baby leave, my husband and I wanted to really focus on family time with our kiddos and have that be the main theme for Christmas this year . . . so we’re giving the gift of quality time!

Savannah holds her prime book box

Creating a Family Time Routine

Reading a bedtime story to our eldest every night has become an extremely important part of the kids’ bedtime routine. Not only does Savannah look forward to her storytime, but it helps her to go to sleep on her own. River is also starting to take interest in storytime and will pick up a book he likes then talk to it as if he’s reading like mommy! Amazon recently released a new perk to Amazon Prime members — a curated subscription book service for babies and kiddos ages 0-12 called Prime Book Box — it’s the perfect way for us to gift both quality time with the kids and something educational but fun. So I ordered subscription boxes for my second grader, toddler, and the baby that’s due soon as Christmas month gifts. I don’t do all the Elf on the Shelf stuff and am not sure I’ll get organized enough to put an advent calendar together this year, so the gift of little breaks in the craziness of the month for family time is huge.

all of us looking at prim book boxes

A Gift Everyone Enjoys

I have to admit . . . ordering these subscription boxes for the kids was like ordering gifts for myself. I really enjoy our reading time together and I absolutely love seeing all the different kids’ books (I’m a huge fan of board books haha). But also, who doesn’t like getting packages in the mail? It’s always a special treat for my daughter to get a package with her name on it and if she knows the package is coming it’s something to look forward to. The Prime Book Box subscription can be sent monthly, bi-monthly, or every three months to make the gift of reading last longer and allow time in-between to get through the books that the kids are already reading. As a frugal parent, I appreciate getting to choose the frequency of our subscriptions. Prime Book Box is only $19.99 per subscription box, so you’re saving up to 40% off on the books included in the subscription each month, but everyone has a different monthly budget (and a different number of kiddos to subscribe).

reading truck book to River

River and S reading a book by the Christmas tree

Our Prime Book Box

A bonus to the subscription being linked to my membership is that I actually know when the order is arriving and when it’s been dropped off (it’s a guessing game with so many other subscription boxes) and since it’s linked to my Amazon Prime account, we aren’t sent books that we’ve already purchased on Amazon in any of our curated subscription boxes! I can go into my account and change book preferences and selections as well, which is nice. Both River and baby 3 (we’re calling her “Nora” for now) received a Prime Book Box baby box for ages 0-2 which comes with four board books. I absolutely love the variety of books we were sent for them. The books in the baby box are fairly gender-neutral and include counting books, interactive books, and fun adventure books. Subscriptions for ages 3 and up receive two hardcover books so Savannah received two books in her ages 6-8 subscription box. Every box is personalized with your child’s name, which my kids loved. The quality of the books and their illustrations was great, too. Savannah was instantly drawn to Malaya’s Magic Pencil from her Prime Book Box and wanted to read it ASAP. She was fascinated by the story and the fact that it was all true, which made me all the more excited that we went with these subscriptions for December gifts.

Savannah reading one of her new books from her Prime Book Box

How do you make room for quality family time during the holidays? Click here to learn more about Prime Book Box!

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