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Mountain Adventure Styled Toddler Bedroom

Toddlers love to explore, so it’s only fitting that the adventurous tot in your life has a bedroom to match their curiosity, right? When I was thinking about themes for my tot’s “big boy” bedroom this one fit perfectly. Check it out!

Mountain Adventure Bedroom Inspiration

My son, River, is about to be a big brother and turn 2, so I decided it was time to move him from the star, moon & cloud themed nursery room to a shared room with his baby sister. His side of the room is fit for an adventurous mountain explorer — after all, he is quite the adventurous little dude (he’s into everything)! Her side of the room is still being worked on, but I’ll post details once it’s done.

Initially, I really wanted to get River a toddler-sized loft bed with a slide so that he’d think sleeping in his own bed would be fun (he’s still co-sleeping with me) but when I saw the cabin bed I ultimately purchased, I knew it was the bed. The hardest part was finding the right wallpaper that didn’t cost $399 or more to cover the wall. In the end, I found one that was just $70 and fit the size of the room’s accent wall the best. It also has a water element, which I was looking for since my son’s name is River.

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