How To Soothe a Fussy Baby at Night

OK, it’s late, you’re groggy, and suddenly the baby won’t sleep. Whether she’s teething or gassy, here are some tricks to try for a happy baby, and a slightly more restful night.

Credit: Flickr user peasap

1. Do a Diaper Check

Obvious one, right? But, still very important!

2. Check For Gas

Gas is typically the culprit for baby nighttime pains. Try some baby yoga: Lay baby on her back and gently press her bent legs toward her chest. If there’s gas, it will come out. Another option is to hold baby up high near your shoulder and rub her back.

3. Try Feeding

After a diaper change and gassy tummy fix, it may be time for some milk — yum!

4. Hold Baby and Whisper a Song

If she doesn’t want to nurse/drink, or is done but still not feeling well, hold baby close and sing her a lullaby. (I used to have “Goodnight, Sleep Tight” on repeat at nighttime but also made up my own nighttime songs for my little one.)

5. Stand Up and Sway

Next, you may notice that your baby want you to stand up, hold her tight, sing, and gently sway or dance. There are nights were she may calm down and start to fuss again once you try to sit down with her.

6. Take Baby Outside

If all of the above isn’t working, take baby outside of the room to a different area of the house, or outside to look at the stars. The change in environment can sometimes calm babies, and the fresh night air is nice.

7. Slowly Go Back to Sleep

Once baby is feeling better, check her diaper, rock her, and slowly make your way back to bed. If you nurse and co-sleep, take your time sitting at the edge of the bed before trying to lay down with her again, especially if the culprit was an upset tummy.

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