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Kiddo Room Design: Chandelier For Less

Before my daughter was even born I’d find myself ogling over the gorgeous Pottery Barn Kids bedroom designs, and I fell in love with the little chandeliers at the center of every one of them. Is it practical to have a chandelier above an infant’s bed? Um . . . no. But I think I was in love with the idea for myself, and the clean meets comfy feel of the fluffy layers of bedding on all of the store’s display beds. I didn’t race out and buy a PB Kids chandelier, though. Not only are they ultra expensive, but when my daughter was born she shared a room with us, then began co-sleeping with me. It wasn’t until she was almost 3 and had her own room in our own home that I revisited the idea of recreating a PB Kids dream room with way less money for my daughter. Does she sleep in there? No. But it’s her space, and she loves it. Follow along with me as I detail the ins and outs of her dreamy and ultra-pink room.


Here’s a comparison of a few chandeliers (prices vary) from PB Kids and the  IKEA Kristaller ($40). The chandeliers on display in stores at PB Kids typically have a silk cord cover ($25), so I wrapped mine with silk ribbon to cover the cord. If I knew how to sew, I could make it looks a bit better by making a scrunched fabric much like the one for sale at PB Kids. The Olivia Mini just went on sale, so its price is actually comparable to the IKEA version (wow!), but when I created my daughter’s room, all of those chandeliers were $100 plus. Since the IKEA Kristaller is a mix of a few PB Kids chandelier designs, I’m sharing three designs that you could swap for the one at IKEA (or the on sale PB Kids Olivia Mini).

Credit: PB Kids
Olivia Mini Chandelier (Sale $40, was $100, PB Kids)
Mia Flushmount Chandelier ($179, PB Kids)
Mia Flushmount Chandelier ($179, PB Kids)
Paloma Beaded Chandelier ($400, PB Kids)
Paloma Beaded Chandelier ($400, PB Kids)
IKEA ($40)
IKEA ($40)

Bonus Tips

1. Since the Olivia Mini is equal cost to the Kristaller right now, order it in-store to use either a Kidgits Club card (The kids club at Simon owned malls) or military ID for about 10 percent off on top of that (varies). Using a PB Kids card will earn you points toward rewards checks, too.

2. Try installing a dimmer switch with the chandelier. It not only looks nicer and allows you to use the appropriate amount of light needed, but is a way for you to teach your child about the different types of light.

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  1. Love this! I have dreams of my daughter’s room having a Pottery Barn Kids chandelier too (her cousins’ rooms do have them), so filing this tip away for down the road when my tot is older:)