Mama Style: Amusement Park Cool

It’s hot out but I’m certainly not ready to throw on a pair of shorts (I need another few months to get ready for that!), so I’m all about sun dresses right now. Since I’m going to an amusement park with family soon so I looked for some alternatives to shorts and came up with this cute set. Fun sunglasses for a bright day, a backpack for all my daughter’s things, my camera and my random stuff paired with some cool but comfy shoes makes this a great outfit to bare the heat and withstand the kiddo’s water play.

Beat the Heat: Breezy Cool Style

Like this breezy cool Mama Style set? Check out more details below about why I picked each item, and where you can get it!

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Dr Hauschka lipstick in Pink Topaz: I just got a sample of this lipstick from Pharmaca and I love, love, love it! It makes me feel young (you know, not like a 30-year-old mom), and it moisturizes my lips so I get to avoid chapped lips and looking ooper pale and dead at the same time! beauty.com, $25

Floral print Philosophy dress: This dress costs way more than I’d spend (Over $500, yikes!), but I love the sort of vintage style, nice neckline for breastfeeding and color scheme. It also looks like it would compliment several body types rather well (always  looking for something for my pear shape). harveynichols.com, $540

Abercrombie & Fitch sandals: Adorable sandals . . . very pricy. But they really compliment this look! abercrombie.com, $70

MANGO faux leather backpack: I am typically a shoulder bag person, but I also end the day with sore shoulders wishing I had gone with a backpack. I feel like a backpack balances the weight and is great if you’re babywearing (without the purse constantly falling off the shoulder). Plus, this backpack is small enough to not be too much, but could hold the essentials from your diaper bag. mango.com, $70

Juniper Mom Teething Necklace: Pink, blue and white, cute combo, right? Whether you have a teething kiddo or not, these are kind of fun. etsy.com, $25

Floppy Wide-Brim Straw Hat: Don’t get burned in the sun this Summer, bring a hat! These large floppy hats always remind me of Audrey Hepburn, and this one matches our lovely Philosophy dress in the example! forever21.com, $15

Sunglasses: Some may say heart-shaped sunglasses are for kids, I disagree. I used to have a pair of sunglasses like this that my daughter broke long ago so I’m pretty excited about these, and the price is just right (I tend to spend under $20 for shades because I break or lose them, or my daughter does those things for me). makemechic.com, $11

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