Christmas gift on grunge wood background

Mommy’s Christmas List

It’s December, which means it’s time for every online source to post their version of a Top (insert number here) Wish List. So to keep with the tradition of the season, Savvy Every Day has come up with  Mommy’s Christmas List. It has everything from expensive things moms know we won’t get to inexpensive gifts from the heart. Every mom is different, so it’s important that you choose the gift that’s right for her personality, but some things are fairly universal. This list is not in a particular order, so don’t think that giving her number 8 means you gave her a less important gift. Read through to find the right gift for the mom in your life (or, if you’re a mom, forward on to drop some hints!).

Christmas gift on grunge wood background
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1. Love. ‘Tis the reason for the season, right? We give presents to one another because the wise men brought gifts to show their gratitude for the birth of baby Jesus. By showing our gratitude and love to others, we let them know just how special they are in our lives. Trust me, no matter what gift you buy the mom (or woman) in your life, it can be meaningless if she doesn’t feel your love behind it (giving her joy). Even if you think you’ve shown her how you care before, be blunt and say it, because moms have it rough sometimes, and this gesture is the very best pick-me-up (that and doing things the first time we ask you).

2. A Massage. It doesn’t matter if you buy one of the many massage packages available on Groupon (Be sure it’s a good one on Yelp! first, though), or dedicate (at least 30 minutes) to properly massaging her yourself (without expecting anything afterward), a massage is a massage, and that’s what every mom needs.

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3. A Future. We all love a little bit of hope, something to look ahead to. If your family is saving for a home, needs a new car, you want more children, or desperately a new appliance of some sort show her that you’re working on it. Lay out some groundwork to get things started. If debt is standing in your way, or there’s another obstacle your family struggles with, find a solution to show her that you’re going to work with her to make the future a reality. Pay down the debt for Christmas, make an appointment with a fertility specialist, or find a way to make a bank account just for saving up for the new house or running car your family needs.

4. Dedicate Something to Her. Buy one of those stars you name after people, create a piece of art just for her, write a book, make a birdhouse. Whatever it is you’re good at, use it to your advantage to create a special item or moment for her to show her you care.

5. Something She Says She Likes/Wants. This is the obvious one. If a girl brings something she likes or wishes she had to your attention, it’s on her Wish List. Consider getting it for her.image

6. Something Sparkly. A simple, yet elegant item from Forevermark Diamond (if the kids don’t pull on her jewelry), or even acting out the guy’s lines in the video ad for this necklace will do (wink wink, back to number 4 and number 1). Origami Owl also has some great choices, and you can personalize a locket.


7. A Subscription Box. There’s a box for everyone now. There’s BirchBox for cosmetics and fragrances, Just Fab for Shoes and things, Julep for nail care (though, I personally don’t care for their mail polish) and the POPSUGAR Must Have (my personal favorite) for all of the above and more. If she’s a dog lover, she may like BarkBox. Try the Vegan Cuts boxConscious Box, or Ecocentric Mom box for “green” moms.


8. Something the Kids Made. Help your little ones create the best present for mom. Make hand print ornaments, record a special greeting, or help them make something from scratch.

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