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Pinterest is one of the best social media tools for generating real clicks and leads. People visit Pinterest to find their interests and act on those items. This is different from Facebook or Instagram where you are the ones searching for the potential client and hoping they find your message AND act on it. Here are some important pieces of training and resources for ensuring Pinterest is being used well. All of these should be read through and explored.

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Educational Resources

Pinterest Business Hub: Learn how to read Pinterest Analytics, make impactful ads, and create great pins.

Pinterest Business Community: Learn from other brands in the Pinterest community and share what you’ve learned, too.

Pinterest Academy: A program by Pinterest filled with courses to get you up and running your business Pinterest like a pro.

Pinterest Trends: Use this tool to see what keywords are trending surrounding a specific topic or niche.

Simple Pin Media: My favorite resource for all things Pinterest (other than Pinterest). They offer loads of articles covering the latest features/updates at Pinterest, how to do things, and offer a variety of great free downloads. This is the one email subscription I actually open whenever I receive it. They also have a podcast (Simple Pin Podcast) with guest speakers sharing amazing tips. SPM is a must when learning about how Pinterest ticks and how to use tools strategically. They also offer the SPM Dashboard that shows you all of your insights on what people are pinning and what’s converting so you can create content that will work. And sell a UTM creation plan.

Tailwind: This is a tool that allows you to schedule pins and repins well in advance. Here are Tailwind Tool How-To videos. Tailwind also works with Pinterest to offer a lot of great information and How-Tos. Follow them on Facebook for video trainings.

Melyssa Griffin Facebook Pinterest Challenge: This is a great freebie alternative to the full Pinterest course she offers. Keep in mind it is not as up to date at Pinterest Academy or SPM but it’s a good challenge to start with while learning from the other sources on new information and resources. Video 1, Video 2, video 3, video 4, video 5.

Creating Story Pins: How to use this new feature to grab the attention of Pinterest followers and users.

Facebook Groups

Simple Pin Pinterest Support Group

Pinterest Tailwind Threads

Tailwind Tribes for Pinterest

Pinterest Marketing 101

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