Savvy Review: Luna Pads


Like most ladies, my period has me thinking about a lot of things. But aside from thinking about how much I need an ibuprofen or wondering if the cycle is over yet it has me considering the idea that the world of disposables is not always a good thing! Last year, Savvy Every Day reviewed an organic feminine care product that really woke me up to just how unsafe any personal care product could be, then I reviewed the Diva Cup, which made me realize how much non-degradable stuff women throw away every month (even when it’s organic). So what do you do if you’re either A) Trying the Diva Cup for the first time and have some spotting going on OR B) Dislike tampons so refuse to try a menstrual cup? Well, you try the original method — cloth pads!

I was excited to try the Diva Cup but felt like it was pointless when I was using a disposable liner with it, so I reached out to Luna Pads to see what these were all about. I’m fairly shocked at how much I’m learning now that I’m 3-0 and wondering where all this stuff was when I was a teenager and in college.  Basically, wearing a cloth pad is like cloth diapering but for your period, but you don’t deal with poop and it doesn’t require a bunch of devices to do it.

Luna Pads sent me underwear (not granny panties like you may think, they have lace ones and all different types), a pad, a few liners (to go inside the pad or underwear), and a panty liner. Since I’m more of a pads person, I really like having this option if you’re not into a menstrual cup. I’ve used these items for several cycles and if you rinse the blood every night and wash your cloths they don’t stain. I noticed a huge difference between Luna Pads and a regular pad. The cloth pads are more comfortable since they don’t have the adhesive that sometimes leaves residue on underwear or sticks to your skin. These pads also don’t have the chemical irritants found in disposable pads, making them safer for you, too. When I would run out of Luna Pads I used disposables and each time that happened I was wishing I had the cloth one on instead.

One thing I recommend if you try out cloth pads is to get the organic ones. Cloth is most certainly better for the environment, and better for you than disposables, but if it isn’t organic material it may still irritate sensitive skin. Check out the video to see a comparison and get more info!

Savvy Every Day received the products mentioned from Luna Pads for this review.

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