postpartum bathroom items

What to Put in Your Postpartum Bathroom

One of the first areas I have expecting families to set up before a vaginal or cesarian birth is the postpartum bathroom. It’s a simple setup, but having everything together ahead of time makes all the difference. Here’s a bit more info on what to actually put in your postpartum bathroom.

postpartum bathroom items
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pink plastic woven basket

Postpartum Basket

A storage container of sorts is a must. This could be a cute basket or a plastic container that you can easily wipe should a little bit of blood get on it. Some hospitals give you a basin full of baby’s things when you leave and that is perfect for this (if you had a hospital birth).

organic pads

Organic Pads

Large organic pads are beneficial for creating DIY padsicles or simply collecting blood without causing further irritation after delivery. You’ll need these no matter the type of delivery that you have.

postpartum mesh undies

Mesh Undies

You’ll get a pack of mesh undies to take home with you from the hospital after your cesarian or vaginal birth (if you deliver in-hospital). But if you’d like to be stocked up for comfort, stores now sell a bunch of different types of mesh undies that absorb leaks and blood.

Earth Mama Organics perineal spray

Perineal Spray

If you have a vaginal delivery, your provider might give you Dermoplast to help with the discomfort. In case they don’t, or you prefer a more natural alternative, Earth Mama Organic’s Perineal Spray is a good at-home option.

frida mom ice pads

Ice Pads

Ice pads are a great alternative to DIY padsicles. The cooling may not last as long, but you can keep them nearby without adding a mini-fridge to your bathroom or making trips to the freezer for a cool pad. These are activated similar to the cooling pads in a hospital. Ice pads can be used for the vaginal area or around your cesarian scar.

frida mom bottle

Angled Peri Bottle

Most hospitals provide you with a peri bottle (it looks like a condiment bottle found at camping stores or in picnic sets), but an angled peri bottle makes all the difference. A more direct aim allows for better cleanings between pad changes.

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