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Sweet Gifts For the Expecting Dad (Plus Giveaway)

Father’s Day isn’t just about dads who’ve been parenting for a while, it’s a time for parents-to-be to celebrate their future to come, and soon-to-be dads to get a bit of extra advice and support. If you have a dad-to-be in your life, this is the perfect opportunity for sage advice through some thought-out gifts. Keep scrolling to see some savvy ideas and enter the giveaway!


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1. Rockabye Baby Renditions

Just because you’re becoming a parent doesn’t mean you can’t listen to your favorite music anymore . . . it just needs to be transformed into baby-approved instrumentals by the talented Rockabye Baby team! With 50 renditions to date, whether you listen to Michael Jackson, Grateful Dead, White Stripes, or Pharrell Williams, there’s a lullaby CD ($14 and up) created from your favorite songs. These are an absolute must for cranky car rides and late nights with a teether. Songs from these CDs also makes listening to the same CD over and over again slightly more bearable (get it?). The album covers are beyond cute, too. Want to hear a bit of what to expect? Check out the sampling at the Rockabye Baby YouTube channel.

2. Daddy Caddy

Some dads just don’t do diaper bags so Go Mama Go Designs came up with the Daddy Caddy ($20), a carrier with water-resistant lining and storage space for diapers, wipes and a few other necessities without the big bag. There are multiple ways to wear the Daddy Caddy, and a variety of styles to choose from to fit each dad-to-be.

3. MAM Pacifier Set

MAM’s Love & Affection pacifiers ($6, Amazon) are a cute BPA-free gift for when you’re announcing your pregnancy to others (or the dad-to-be), but also a great way to show the dad-t0-be just how loved he’s going to be, and reassure him about becoming a dad. It’s an adorable set with a more comfortable curved shield from a company that’s been combining technological innovation, medical function and contemporary design to support infants from the first day of life since 1976.

4. Dad Keychain

This series of personalized dad keychains from Isabelle Grace ($32) is absolutely adorable. Whether your dad-to-be is more of a hipster guy or a comic fan who just loves super heroes there’s a double-sided pewter keychain to fit his personality and positive outlook on daddyhood.

5. Urban Armor Gear Cell Phone Case

Kids are prone to dropping things  . . . like phones. Even if your baby or kiddo doesn’t have your phone ever, you’re more likely to drop it while juggling a trillion things, so a military-grade, well-tested phone case is a must before baby comes. This is a fun gift because it’s stylish, slightly techie and just plain smart. A fab case from Urban Armor Gear is the Scout Folio ($40) because it has a water resistant FrogSkin Technology™ grip and holds up to three credit cards so you don’t need to carry an oversized wallet everywhere. You’re going to want to be able to carry less when the kiddo comes, and this helps in case you keep losing the wallet somewhere (just be sure to install some sort of phone finding app).

6. Parenting Book

There are so many parenting books out there, and gifting a few is a great idea for parents-to-be since there won’t be much time for reading post-baby. Never Say No ($12) is a bible-based book about the parenting journey of Jan and Mark Foreman (the parents of Switchfoot‘s Tim and Jon). It discusses parenting in a media-saturated world, encouraging talents and individuality and avoiding just saying “no” rather than offering options to foster the person they’ll become.

What are you getting your dad-to-be? If you’re still looking for gifts, be sure to enter the giveaway below to win five of the gift ideas mentioned above!


Dad-to-Be Father’s Day Giveaway

A big thank you to the companies participating in this giveaway. I was sent some items for review in this post. No other compensation was given and all opinions are my own.

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