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20 Things to Never Text Extended Breastfeeding Moms

Extended breastfeeding is widely accepted in some countries, but the United States isn’t one of them. Here, it’s an uncomfortable topic thought of as socially unacceptable, and support is lacking. Some really hurtful and untrue comments are often thrown around, and it’s time to remove them from the conversation about what extended breastfeeding is really like and why parents do it. If you aren’t comfortable with extended breastfeeding, keep the negativity to yourself and avoid texting (or saying) these 20 comments to an extended nursing mom you know, or even anyone trying to breastfeed their kid past 6 months (yep, even before 1 year there are comments).

20things to never text extended breastfeeding moms

1. You said you were trying to make it to 6 months, he’s 1.5 now.

2. That’s just wrong!

3. Have you seen the movie Grown Ups? Don’t be like that.

4. She’s too old to be nursing in public.

5. When your kid can say “I want milk,” they’re too old.

6. When she can walk up to the breasts and get them whenever she wants it’s time to stop.

7. What about the teeth? Isn’t that a sign to stop?

8. Do you get some sort of pleasure out of it?

9. Don’t let him do that. It’s time to wean.

10. I was going to ask you to hang out, but you always have your kid around.

11. Are you gonna be like the mom in Game of Thrones?  . . . That lady was nuts.

12. You’re raising a spoiled child.

13. Nursing has no nutritional value after 6 months.

14. He’s 6 months old now, when do you think you’ll stop?

15. Will you still be nursing when he’s in high school?

16. You’re still nursing and you co-sleep?! Is your man OK with that?

17. She’s never going to learn how to self-soothe.

18. You’re setting him up for bullying in school.

19. Don’t do that when we go out, it’s embarrassing.

20. Our parenting styles are just too different, I don’t think we can hang out.


If you’re an extended breastfeeding mom, what are some of the worst texts you’ve gotten (or things people have said) about your extended breastfeeding? Did I get them all? Share your story in the comments below!

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  1. Thankfully I’ve never had any bad experiences while nursing/ extended nursing!

    1. That’s great to hear! My own extended nursing journey with my first kiddo had a lot of negativity from others.

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    Got so many information. its very helpful. Thank you.