Posted on 10/14/2015

21 Awesome Kids Raincoats to Keep in Your Car

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It’s going to rain eventually, maybe not much, and no one is quite sure when . . . but it will rain. Right? Usually, it’s when you’ve rushed the kids out of the house to get them to school on time only to arrive and notice that the sky looks a bit cloudy and something just dropped on your head. Now your nose. Full on sprinkling starts and the kids don’t have a jacket of any kind because the weather’s been fluctuating between 76-90 degrees the last few weeks. This is when keeping a raincoat (along with all the other junk useful kids items) in the trunk is a huge help. You look like a super prepared parent who of course knew it would rain, your kids aren’t constantly complaining about being drenched all day when you pick them up and you don’t have to deal with them getting sick from the little no coat fiasco. Need some help getting started? Check out the adorable raincoats for toddlers, preschoolers and big kids alike in the slider below to find the perfect car coat(s) for your family. Once you see one you like, click on the image to be directed to full details. 

Cute Kids Raincaots

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