3 Things You Need to Know About Private Rooftop Solar

Thinking about switching to private rooftop solar? There’s a lot to consider before making the change, including which system is best for your home, and how to be smart about it. I just recently researched this and learned so much I had no clue about! Keep reading for 3 things you need to know about installing private rooftop solar that can be a huge help.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of PG&E. The opinions and text are all mine.

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It Depends on Your Home

Before investing in private rooftop solar panels you need to be sure that solar is the way to go for your home. Depending on the age and type of home you have, or area that you live in it may or may not be the right system. Be sure to look through PG&E’s handy (and objective) “Choose the Right Renewable Technology” list to see if it’s for you. If it still looks like a good fit, check out the “Do the Math” section to read about the processes associated with both leasing and buying so that you can find out if it’s feasible for your family.

Downsizing First Can Save Money

PG&E shares that you can boost your savings by running an energy efficient home before even switching to solar! If your home uses less energy then you don’t need to buy a larger private rooftop solar energy system, saving you money. PG&E offers a great 5-Minute Home Energy Checkup online that will evaluate your current usage then give you customized recommendations for ways to reduce your usage.

Researching solar options

Research and Prep is Important

A private rooftop solar system is a huge home improvement project — you want to be sure that you’re working with the right team to get things not just done, but done well and correctly. Be sure to research several contractors, look into their licenses and compare their references and work quotes. The PG&E “Find the Right Contractor” page covers understanding your contractor’s tasks, how to find the right contractor, and how to verify information and compare bids. Don’t pick a contractor without reading it. It’s also important to know about the renewable energy benefits so that you can use them to your advantage. The PG&E “How to Get Started With Clean Energy Page” is a tremendous objective resource for learning more about where to start and what to do if you’re considering private rooftop solar, I really recommend you check it out because there’s so much amazing info.

What did you learn about private rooftop solar today?

3 Things You Need to Know About Solar

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