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3 Tips for Art Nouveau Maternity Photos

What’s your favorite part of pregnancy? For some, it might be the ability to eat more of something they love because, hey, cravings. Others enjoy the hormone changes and embrace just everything preggo. Me? I really, really look forward to the maternity photos (OK yes, and giving into the cravings haha). Maternity photos are super important for moms to get just one day where they can feel and look like the birthing goddess they are. So many moms – Especially second kiddo and beyond – feel just kinda blah about themselves during pregnancy and these photos are a chance to shine, a chance to have something that shows your pregnancy. So why not have fun with them? I went with a sort of art nouveau photoshoot since I love that theme (my wedding was also art nouveau). Keep reading to see all the pics and grab some tips for your own art nouveau maternity photos!
maternity photo of expectant mom looking at her belly and standing on a bridge in a gown

Dress Art Nouveau Maternity

A flowing gown is an absolute must. Add a  floral crown and you’ve got one pretty picture! Be sure to pick the right gown for your body type and the location of your shoot. There are so many colors available that the look is really up to you. I added a sort of slip insert to my gown with a split down the middle so I could get both bare belly and covered belly photos. (Link to gown and such is at the bottom of the post.) To tie everything in, I had my husband wear the blue suit from our wedding and S a cute Little Red Riding Hood inspired outfit with bright red colors so that though we were all dressed differently the colors matched the flowers in my crown and worked really well together. I love punches of color in photos, too, and these outfit choices gave me that.

family maternity photo- girl reaching for mom with dad behind mom

Because of my husband’s work schedule, we’re all rarely in photos together. In fact, I think the last time a photographer took a picture of me, the hubs and S together was for her welcome home/newborn photos (she’s about to turn 6!).

Pick a Fitting Art Nouveau Maternity Photo Setting

One of the reasons I really like art nouveau is that there are so many natural settings or images inspired by nature. I picked Del Valle Regional Park in Livermore since it has greenery and trails, but also a bit of beach so that we could get a bunch of different shots without changing locations. I think a versatile location is key when you’re working with a photographer and only have a set amount of time in your session. The trees at Del Valle Regional Park were just moody enough to give the photos a dramatic artsy feel without going too overboard. If the trees didn’t have any leaves at all it would have made the mood of the photos a bit too dark. Instead, they actually look as if they represent life changes and birth.

artistic couples maternity photo of holding hands

artistic couples maternity photo of leaning on husband

Get Creative Art Nouveau Maternity Shots

Be sure to take some varying shots alone, with your partner and with any other children. Because of my husband’s work schedule, we’re all rarely in photos together. In fact, I think before this maternity shoot the last time a photographer took a picture of me, the hubs and S together was for her welcome home/newborn photos (she’s about to turn 6!). But also get creative with your setting and taking some photos that you wouldn’t normally get to take. After all, you’ll only look this way once (whether you’re pregnant again someday or not). I used this opportunity to get some belly shots in the water with my gown sort of flowing (or sinking) around me. The water was freezing and some fishermen gave me quite the looks but it was so worth it!

artsy maternity photo in water

smiling expectant mom in water maternity photo
maternity photo of mom standing by water

Gown & Slip / Floral Crown / Mama Metal / Location

3 tips for art Nouveau maternity photos

Photos by Sincerely, Me Photography

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