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27 Parenting Posts Perfect For the New Year Ahead

Oh 2016, you were a rough one for sure. So many ups and downs for people everywhere. Though there are the few odd people who have said it was the best year they’ve had in a while, I’m pretty sure the other 98% is excited that it’s finally 2017. But you can’t really look forward to a new year filled with better things without first looking back at what happened the year before, so this post is about some of the posts on Savvy Every Day from 2016 that together pretty much sum up #parentlife and still hold some great info for this brand new year.
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Pregnancy & Birth

Pregnancy Bump Photo Cards

3 Tips For Art Nouveau Maternity Photos

Over 11 Clever Pregnancy Costumes

6 Misconceptions About Home Birth

How To: Ribbon Gender Reveal

6 Things You Need to Know Before Becoming a Dad

Over 31 Disneyland Rides & Attractions to Enjoy While Pregnant

Baby Stuffs

5 Exciting Baby Product Trends Coming in 2017

Nursery Room Do’s & Don’ts

Babywearing in the Military: Conan & Chelsea’s Story

20 Things to Never Text An Extended Breastfeeding Mom

9 Things My Engineering Career Taught Me About Parenthood

Home Design

Pillowfort Kids Outer Space Room Design

Choosing the Right Rug For the Kiddo’s Room

DIY Lighted Pom Pom Wall Flowers & Kitchen

Adorable Coral Themed Kids Bathroom


Easy Apple Crumble

The Big List of Meal Delivery Options (With Reviews & Coupon Codes)

Health & Fun

5 Ways Sending New Year’s Cards Instead Will Cut Your Stress

Tips For Paddle Boarding With Kids

6 Ways to Save Money on Family Trips

Family Trips to Fun Places: Mendocino, CA

5 Time-Saving Apps You’ll Want to Download This Week

5 Tips For Having a Better Day

How to Create a Wellness Routine With Your Kids


Back-to-School Styles For Girls

Daddy Style: Black & Grey

What’s your advice to other parents in 2017?

27 Parenting Posts Perfect For the Year Ahead


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