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9 Books About Martin Luther King Jr. For Kids Under 7

I remember hunting for an age-appropriate book about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. to read to my daughter last year and coming up short. We were visiting family out of town and none of the stores had anything, even Target (my go-to store). We found a story time about Martin Luther King Jr. at the zoo, but the book was really meant for kids ages 7 and up, not the little ones trying to grasp what was being shared. So this year I looked up a few book options in advance. Keep reading for 9 book options that help introduce kids younger than 7 to who Martin Luther King Jr. was, why he’s celebrated, and why he’s still so important.

Due to copyright law, I couldn’t post images of the books without using an Amazon shopping widget. These are affiliate links (I get a commission based on any sales), thank you for your support.


The beauty of Amazon widgets is that you can click on an item and see the first few pages of the book as well as reviews from critics and purchasers. This makes picking the right book for your kiddo easier, for sure. My favorites from the list are the Ready-to-Read options – Martin’s Dream and Martin Luther King Jr. Day – since my daughter is still just under 6 years old but we’re working on sight word recognition. The text is easier to navigate through and understand for littles, too, I think. The other books rounded up here have great visuals to accompany the light text, and seem to include forwards that let you know ahead of time of any words/topics that may be too grown up for the kiddos and how you can reword things. There are also two smaller books that are kind of like board books and would be great for 3-4 year-olds. Take a peek at the list and let me know in the comments which ones are your faves! Please also share any additional books you recommend that aren’t listed here.

9 Books About Martin Luther King Jr. For Kids Under 7

Books about MLK Jr for kids

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