Disgusting Preggo Problems That Will Make You ROFL

Pregnancy isn’t all rainbows and unicorns. In fact, “pregnancy glow” is a hit or miss passing thing, but all the other disgusting preggo problems you think no one else would understand? Those are real. We all get them. And they’re hilarious. Pour yourself some wine and enjoy a trip down pregnancy lane as mamas spill their most disgusting preggo moments. You might need a box of tissues for the laughing tears.

You’re Victim to The Puddle Effect

“Right after having my son I couldn’t feel when I had to pee and then when I realized I had to go it was too late. Literally would try to run to the bathroom while leaving a puddle in my tracks . I had so much dirty laundry the first two weeks. ” – Kassy A. via Facebook

“You just might pee yourself. Doing pretty much anything. Like when you’re sneezing, or coughing, or jumping. And especially when morning sickness puking!” – Shannon, Much Most Darling

“When I sneeze, I pee unless I’m crossing my legs.” – Brittany, The Ashmores Blog

I can no longer do jumping jacks without peeing my pants . . . I have to fake it at bootcamps! ” – Erin, Hi Lovely

“When I was pregnant with my first (and after birth) every time I coughed, sneezed, laughed too hard, or waited too long I peed my pants a little. So awkward – Especially at work.” – Rachel P. via Facebook

“The peeing when sneezing always gets me. ” – Elly, Uptown With Elly Brown

“With my youngest- Every time I sneezed I peed a little. One time in church I sneezed so bad that I urinated and pooped on myself! Turns out I was actually in labor.” – Natasha, Grits & Grace

“It’s been hard to go to the bathroom this pregnancy. After I finish wiping and washing hands I’ll suddenly feel a sort of after-pee going down my leg as if I didn’t get it all. Then I have to start all over lol.” – Shari, Savvy Every Day

Courtesy of Much Most Darling

Your Off Gassing Can’t Be Stopped

“If I walked too fast I’d fart  . . . learned the hard way in stores.” – Andrea, Glam Hungry Mom

“I’ve farted in front of my patients at work. ” – Erica, Aiming for August

contractions in tub
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Your Body Acts Nothing Like Your Body

I drool uncontrollably.  I’ll be talking, and saliva just falls out of my mouth every once in awhile . Makes me feel super cool!” – Lindsey, The Dixie Belle Mommy

“[For] both my pregnancies I was 8 months during the summer and my feet were so swollen and they would sweat so bad. They would SOAK my Birkenstocks (which were the only shoes to fit my enlarged feet). It was disgusting haha.” – Hannah, Honey & Betts

“When I sneeze, a giant clot of snot shoots out of my mouth.” – Shari, Savvy Every Day

“Both pregnancies I was so tender headed I would literally be in tears brushing my hair after a shower. It was actually my tell, that’s how I figured out I was pregnant both times. Also, how come nobody tells you how bad your hoo-hah swells? Like the thing legit looks angry when you are pregnant. ? #didigotoofar” -Jennifer, Jen & Juiceboxes

“[In the] last couple weeks of my pregnancy [my] hemorrhoid was literally pain in the a$$ after every number two. That was worsened after birth. My husband described them as five California red grapes hanging in the back . . . ” – Manyi L. via Facebook

“My nipples are ALWAYS hard. 24/7. It’s actually really uncomfortable .” – Katie, All Things Lovely

“When I found out I was pregnant with my first, I threw one of my socks in the trash accidentally the day before. I then did it with my second too. So weird.” – Phuong W. via Facebook

“My leg hair grew like a damn gorilla and never stopped. AWFUL! Thank God for laser hair removal. “- Erin, Hi Lovely

“No one told me about the aftermath of pregnancy. The foot-long pads, the mesh underwear, the blasting of your hoo-hah with a spray bottle, witch hazel pads for 5 minutes of relief. . . . the terrifying thought of going to the bathroom.” – Kristen, Blissfully Insane

“I knew I was pregnant because I got acne on my chest with my girls and I had to start using deodorant with my boys. I mean, I started to be able to smell myself. I have never used deodorant before and only need it when I was pregnant with the boys.” – Lu N. via Facebook

Your Relationship With Food Changes

“I had the worst craving for alcohol so I would just go around smelling peoples drinks. ?” – Jessica, Happily Hughes
“I licked pizza sauce off of my shirt.”  – Erica, Aiming for August

“When I ask my husband for a very specific food item and he comes back with anything but that exact item (or nothing because he didn’t feel like stopping), I’m a super unhappy pregger until the craving is finally met or I get a new one.” – Shari, Savvy Every Day

“I hate raw onions, but when I was pregnant I had to sleep with onions in my room for the smell. I also sprinkled minced onions in my vanilla ice cream. I showered three times a day because I was just so sweaty and I would feel sticky.” – Samantha I. via Facebook

“In normal life I have an aversion to meat. When I’m pregnant I am a total carnivore and grub like a teenage boy on the regular.  After birth it’s like a switch- can’t stand meat again.” – Danielle, The Hansen Tribe

“My tell this pregnancy was I couldn’t get enough nacho cheese poured over shredded iceberg lettuce. Everyone was gagging around me and I was just so happy – It was hilarious.” -Becca, Bee Inspired Life

“I literally can’t stop chewing ice… I’m 36 weeks pregnant with my third and it happens every pregnancy! Currently sitting in bath tub chomping away!” – Diane C. via Facebook

The Toilet is Both Friend and Foe

“Every time I sneezed during my second pregnancy, I would almost immediately vomit. Seriously, the messiest thing ever.” – Katie, Homebound But Hopeful

“As newlyweds, I made dinner for my husband every single night. I LOVE to cook and he loves to eat. when I got pregnant I couldn’t stand cooking because the smells always made me feel like throwing up. Especially meat! One evening I felt so bad for him and got up the courage to make lasagna. I took one look at the raw ground beef and gagged. So I grabbed a stick of gum chewed it just a little so it was sticky and stuck it right under my nose so I could cook without smelling anything but peppermint. It worked like a charm and had my husband rolling when he got home haha.” – Aleigh, For The Joy of Life

“When I was pregnant, later in my pregnancy, I would double sneeze. When I would double sneeze it triggered my gag reflex and I had to run to the toilet to throw up. It was the weirdest thing! After it was over I was totally fine.” – Jama T. via Facebook

I could not set foot in a grocery store both pregnancies. If I even caught a whiff of fish I was sick the rest of the day. I also could not eat beef, which is normally one of my main food groups.” – Maggie, Mama Sew Crafty

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