making the holidays fun

3 Tips For a Happy Healthy Holiday Season

I’m pretty sure this “holiday time” is everyone’s favorite time of year, but it’s a whirlwind. The months fly by fast, and there’s always so much to do in so little time, that a lot of important things get pushed to the back burner as not so immediate or important. (I’ve been meaning to take weekly bump pictures this pregnancy and keep skipping weeks because they just go too quick!) So how do you ensure your back-to-back holidays are not only happy but also healthy? Keep reading for some essential tips to have this season.

This post was sponsored by Anthem Blue Cross as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central and all opinions expressed in my post are my own.

making the holidays fun

Get Insured

Having health insurance is essential to a happy and healthy season and year ahead. Regular and preventative visits can help you stay healthy during cold & flu season, while different health education classes allow for coping techniques that offer a bit more calm during this high stress & anxiety time of year. There are also support groups for those feeling extra sad or alone this time of year, or nutrition and food support groups and classes. Since it is currently open enrollment, it’s an important time to look into your benefit options through work or where you’re able to access health insurance. I love that there are now websites like Anthem Blue Cross’s Navigating Enrollment site and to help understand the types of health care options, too.

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Since I’m pregnant, having health insurance for regular and emergency care has been so important. A sleepy driver sideswiped me on the road a month ago and because I have health insurance the one worry I didn’t have at the time was how I was going to be cared for afterward. My insurance allowed an ambulance to take me to the nearest hospital for X-rays, ultrasound and care before seeing my regular OB later for follow-up of the pregnancy and physical therapy to help with the continual pain. The whole event was stressful (I’m still dealing with the aftermath) and I can’t imagine not having the net of my health insurance during that time.

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Schedule Appointments in Advance

This one is big. No one has time to schedule health checks when they’re running around to get to the kids’ Christmas plays and other activities while also getting their regular work and to-do list done. By scheduling important healthcare checks like an MD exam, chat with a counselor or support class ahead of time you’ll not only have one less thing to try to fit in your day at the last minute, but you’ll already have that mandatory break in activities for yourself that you really need to stay sane. Take the time to make sure you’re OK and taking care of yourself. Setting up these little breaks to go to the chiropractor or whatever healthcare professional you know you’ll need the most that allows you to maintain your best health and best attitude toward others around the holidays.

reading a Santa book to the kiddo

Make Room For Fun

The holidays can’t be happy if you’re not having fun, right? How you’re feeling is directly related to your health so another way you can make time for your health is by enjoying the holidays. Know that it’s OK to say no to some requests from people, to ask for help, and that you don’t have to drag your family to every holiday event you’re all invited to. Skip the stress and the things you just don’t want to do. Instead, make a new family tradition and have fun with your family. Take an afternoon to go out with friends or for some alone time. Make your favorite drink or snack. Do something that makes you happy, just get out and have fun!

How do you ensure that your holidays are happy and healthy?

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