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3 Simple Tips For Managing the Pet Hair Mess

Just two years ago my husband told me that he really wanted a dog for his birthday so we adopted Elsa. Soon after that S said she really wanted a cat, so we adopted Delilah for her birthday. Next thing I knew I had two pets who shed a ton and didn’t get along. It’s been years now and the two tolerate one another a bit better, but the rolling balls of cat hair and dog hair-covered furniture problems didn’t really change, so I finally found a few solutions that actually help a lot. Keep reading for 3 simple tips to help manage the pet hair mess in your own home!

bObsweep sent a bObsweep PetHair vacuum for review but this vacuum is no longer sold so I link to an alternative in this post. This is not sponsored and all opinions are mine alone. 8/25/2022

3 simple tips for tackling the pet hair mess

Groom Frequently

Routinely bathe and brush your dog — at least every two weeks. This helps get rid of a lot of hair that might end up shedding all over your home (with who knows what in it) instead. Cats groom themselves, but mine still needs to be brushed every once in a while since her hair is so long. Not all pets enjoy grooming time but you can make it better by choosing pet-friendly soaps that smell good and help with things like itching then gently massaging the soap in before a warm rinse. We always reward Elsa and Delilah with pets and treats after grooming.

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Get Help

This is one mess you can’t tackle alone, trust me. I hired cleaners to help tame the mess and even with their help, it was sometimes so out of control that I started getting allergies for the first time! So when bObsweep reached out to me about checking out Bob, their PetHair cleaning extraordinaire (affiliate), I was quick to respond with a big YES. The pets weren’t sure what to do with Bob at first, but S was super excited to test him out, and so was I! With an easy-to-use remote, Bob sorta made cleaning really fun for the kiddo, actually. Bob made cleaning extra fun for me too because I didn’t have to lug my heavy vacuum up and down the stairs anymore. Since Delilah’s litter box is downstairs I always feel like she’s spreading bacteria all over the floor after she goes potty, which is another reason I love Bob — He kills bacteria with a UV light while purifying the air, sweeping and vacuuming up the mess! Now I can safely walk my floors again, without fear of stepping in whatever the cat migrated from the bathroom. Bob even has a mop attachment so he can help me with that, too! My floors have never been this clean and I’m all smiles now because of it. Check out this alternative vacuum option on a Amazon (affiliate)!

cat watching robotic vacuum

Tackling the mess by simply pressing the auto clean button on Bob has been huge! I can run Bob daily and then actually enjoy my home without worrying about the mess. He’s’ smart so he detects objects and goes around them, or over them in the case of my living room carpet. He has a decent-sized storage container, too, so I don’t need to empty the yuck he’s picked up until about four cleans later, but when I do I’m amazed at all he’s picked up. I see a huge difference in my floor.

Watch the video below for a look at Bob’s first clean in our home.


Our downstairs was super cluttered, making it harder to get to clean up, and easier for the pet hair mess to grow. It got so bad that I’d get a clean dish from the cabinet, make something to eat and then suddenly find a bunch of cat hair on my plate. Yuck! When we donated, trashed, and stored a bunch of items to prep for selling our house recently I noticed a huge difference in being able to manage the pet hair. It couldn’t hide in all sorts of places anymore and Bob was getting it all!

bObsweep cleaning livingroom

How do you tackle the mess? Share your tips in the comment section below!

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  1. BOB sounds amazing! With two cats, two dogs, and a toddler, I feel like all I do is swiffer and vacuum. I was hoping to look into a Roomba soon, but I love the idea of a UV light and air purifier. Talk about multi tasking!

    1. Oh my you totally do, Chanel!! I can only imagine what you experience based on the amount of pet hair I get from just one cat and dog.