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3 Tips for Simplifying Fall Chores Like a Boss

If your fall season is anywhere near as busy as mine, I’m sure you’ve been on the hunt for ideas for simplifying fall chores for a while now.

Sometimes there’s simply way too much to get done in a single day when you’re a parent. There’s the laundry, home maintenance, car maintenance, work, kids, your partner, yourself  . . . everything needs attention and there’s never enough time. Usually, something gives and you excel in one area and a few others really suffer. I’m no pro at the balancing act myself, but I have picked up a few tips that help tremendously. 

Here are three of my best tips for simplifying fall chores.

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Three Tips for Simplifying Fall Chores

My best tips when it comes to easing up on fall chores include:

  • having a mechanic come to you
  • asking for help with chores
  • creating a rotating chore schedule

Have the Mechanic Come to You This Fall

I was like a kid on Christmas morning when I found out that there’s an app and website called YourMechanic that allows you to schedule car maintenance and repair appointments at your own home or office. One thing you should do each season is have your car checked out and have regular maintenance preformed. YourMechanic made this one of my fall chores SO easy! No more dragging the kids to the dealership and trying to figure out how to get home or what to do while waiting there. Yesss! I had a mechanic come out and do an oil change, tire rotation and multi-point inspection on my husband’s car using the YourMechanic Back-to-School special where it’s only $89.99 (ends Sept. 30). The entire service only took about an hour, saved me from the 100-degree heat and dragging the baby from his nap to the mechanic, and is backed my a 12-month/12,000 mile warranty! My mechanic even found a leak and nail on a tire (huge save) then patched it for me. Watch my video below to see how my car service went then enter to win your own YourMechanic Car Care Kit with a $50 gift card and other goodies at the bottom of this post! You can also get $10 off your first service by scheduling using my referral link, HERE.

Ask for Help With Chores This Fall

You know that friend or family member who always “Let me know if you need a babysitter” or “I’m here if you need me” that you never ask for help because you think they just said it to be nice? Take them up on it. This fall, give yourself time to get some things done. This is one of my favorite ways to simplify fall chores. Personally, I’d be pretty excited to be able to fold and put away my laundry. That’s something I don’t want someone else to do that I find super rewarding and that gives me a sense of organization and togetherness.

If I can get that done then I feel on top of things. The longer you wait to do things, the more it piles up and the harder it becomes. Ask for help while it’s still simple. This means even asking your partner and kids to pitch in. When Savannah was born I told my husband that it was up to him to wash and put away his own clothes now, and he has ever since (unless I actually have time to do it). Now that Savannah is 6 I have her help me load her clothes in the wash not easy while holding the baby) and then put away her clothes later. That was one of my favorite ways I’ve simplified chores!

Putting away laundry, doing chores

Create a Rotating Chore Schedule to Simplify Fall Chores

Not everything needs to be done at all times and that goes for chores too. When you have too many plates in the air, they all fall down. Come up with a system based on a rotating schedule this fall for chores where items of higher priority are handled first, then the other items are handled next time, and so on. If your schedule doesn’t allow for this then take some of the pressure off yourself by saying no to things more often, and simplifying your fall schedule. Don’t sign the kids up for so many activities (or maybe start a carpool so you don’t have to handle busing them around all the time). Combine credit cards and cut a few costs (do you really need that TV service?) so you have fewer bills to watch for and pay. Doing the work to set up a schedule for your fall chores will totally pay off in the months and years to come (plus make you feel super organized).

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What did you think of these tips for simplifying fall chores? I hope they were helpful!

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  1. My biggrst struggle is asking for help. Im glad to know its okay to do plus Id get even more accomplished

  2. I love the idea of rotating chores. I need to do that. I just try to do everything, fail, and get mad at myself.

  3. Oh wow that’s amazing! We don’t need that but I’ll tell my mom, that’ll be so much easier on her! We trade chores in my house, if everyone lives there everyone should help!

  4. Marie Clark says:

    I’ve never heard of yourmechanic, that’s cool. I run myself ragged taking my 5 year old to activities, its so exhausting, ahhh!! I totally need to dial it back!!

  5. Sarah lefton says:

    Wow this is pretty cool. Thanks for sharing

  6. Lynda @mommypowers says:

    Yay! This is such an awesome idea, can’t wait to give it a try!

    ~Lynda @mommypowers