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Back-to-School Finds for Ages 3-6

The first day at preschool, transitional kindergarten, and kindergarten are huge milestones so it’s only natural that you’d want your little ones to be prepared with all the gear they need (and emotionally too). We’ve compiled some perfect back-to-school finds for ages 3-6 — whether your kids start school next week or already started school and now you’re in search of a better backpack, lunchbox, or other school gear. We’ve got you covered, keep reading.

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funkins eric carle lunchbox

Lunch bags

The right size lunch bag is just as important as the quality of the bag. I’ve seen a few recent online posts from parents who realized their kids’ bento boxes couldn’t fit in their lunch bags! The Very Hungry Caterpillar™ line from Funkins offers a wide range of lunch bag sizes, styles, and designs for the perfect fit. They even have matching utensils, labels, sweet lunch note cards, and reusable napkins! We absolutely love ours (after all, we’re big The Very Hungry Caterpillar™ fans around here and the familiar character makes going to a new school a little less scary).

Wanderwild school backpack


Founded by two moms, Wanderwild was created to offer backpacks with fun styles and functionality for wherever the day takes you — adventures big and small. Each style backpack includes features like blank spaces for the option of personalization, fidget tabs, water resistance, extra padding, reflectors, rings for keys, and so much more that only moms could think of! Donations are made to nonprofits working to fight childhood hunger and offer educational assistance to kiddos in need with each purchase, too. (Shown: The Explorer Dino Dig Backpack)

home room 325 school signs

Educational signs

A big part of starting school for the first time — whether preschool, TK, or kinder — is understanding the days of the week and the concept of weekdays/schooldays versus weekend/free time days. Home Room 325 offers a wide range of beautiful easy-to-apply educational decals to help kids get familiar with numbers, the alphabet, days of the week, and even things like dinosaurs or human anatomy! Add because nutrition is so important for proper cognitive development, it’s a part of Home Room 325’s mission to donate to nonprofits that ensure kids have school lunches (both within the U.S. and globally). Having these learning decals up can enhance your homeschool classroom or help a little one get familiar with new concepts before going off to school.

Mabel's Labels school pack


Let’s be honest… your kiddo is going to come home without their lunchbox, water bottle, jacket … at least one item this year. Adding a water-resistant name label to all of their school items will make getting some of these valuables back so much easier. Mabel’s Labels offers a Little Kid School Combo Pack filled with laundry-safe & durable labels for backpacks, clothing, containers, toys, and shoes — everything you need to label during the first year at school. Customize your labels by font, name, and character to make them extra special and easy to find!

Sisi Spray n' Style hairbrush

Hair tools

Starting school means more time spent on things like hair maintenance. And depending on your child and/or their hair, that can be quite the feat! Sisi Spray N’ Style (Amazon affiliate) was created by a mama who understands what it’s like trying to do our kiddos’ hair! This detangling brush is made of both boar bristles and nylon to help smooth hair out (my kids were fighting over who would get to keep it when it came in because we all loved how soft it made our hair) AND the cap on the bottom of the brush comes off to reveal a spray pump that you can fill with your hair care treatment! Just imagine traveling with just a brush instead of several items OR being able to treat and brush your kiddo’s hair with less fuss! It’s magic on my 3-YOs curls.

Mercurii Baby cotton terry preschooler set

Comfortable clothing

Stylish, comfortable clothing that your kids will want to wear is important when starting a new school year, but durability and safety is also huge. Mercurii Baby offers a variety of 100% Organic Cotton, GOTS Certified Non-Toxic clothing in sizes 3 months up to 5T that uses eco-friendly water-based dyes. Mercurii Baby’s Organic Cotton Terry Sets come in neutral colors like Grey and Cloud to fit any time of year, occasion or gender (great for passing on to younger siblings).

Dearest Grey bento box amazon find

Lunch tools

Bento boxes are a lunchtime favorite for picky eaters and parents alike. Each food item has its’ own compartment, and if you’re using a Dearest Grey Silicone Bento Box (Amazon affiliate link) you’ll also have an easy-to-open yet spill-proof container to enjoy year after year. Dearest Grey is available on Amazon and also offers bibs, spoons, and pacifiers for the bebe in your family.

Warmies puppy hugs for back-to-school

Transition aids

Starting school for the first time can be scary! Using a transitional aid like a favorite toy or stuffed friend can make the change feel a bit more familiar. Something like Warmies’ Puppy Hugs could allow a little one to feel more comfortable by smelling the comforting lavender and feeling the warmth of Puppy on the way to school. Take one pup (or whichever animal friend you pick, Warmies has so many!) to school and reunite them with a big hug after school. Littles can hug their Warmies throughout the school day when feeling anxious as well! (Just make sure you talk to the teachers ahead of time and communicate why this item is needed and should stay close).

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