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Holiday Gifts for Postpartum Nursing Moms

Between the stress & hustle of the holidays and the daily whirlwind with littles, postpartum nursing mamas need gifts that help make life easier, not more complicated. This gift guide is all about gifts that support and empower the new breastfeeding or pumping nursing mama, without losing focus on self-care.

holiday gifts for postpartum nursing moms

Items included in this post were reviewed to ensure a fit. This post may contain affiliate links, which allow me to earn a commission from items purchased ( at no cost to you ).

MyCHELLE strengthen skincare

Nourishing Skincare

Pregnancy takes a lot out of the body, leaving mamas in need of a lot of skin replenishment. MyCHELLE’s Strengthen skincare line hydrates, replenishes, supports, and illuminates skin to bring it back to life (without parabens, petroleum, phthalates, silicones, sulfates, fragrances, artificial colors. or ureas) and smells amazing! It’s a wonderful self-care gift/treat.

pmd body brush

Self-Care Body Brush

In postpartum, showers are the new spa. Gifting the PMD Clean Body Brush Bundle at Costco to a new mama means she gets to switch out the bacteria-filled loofa in her shower now with an antibacterial & ordor-resistant brush that includes interchangeable attachments to cleanse, exfoliate and massage. And postpartum mamas REALLY need that massage feature for clogged ducts, sore shoulders . . . you name it.

evenflo feeding breast pump

Electric Breast Pump

Pumping shouldn’t be hard! The Evenflo Feeding Deluxe Advanced Double Electric Breast Pump (affiliate) is a closed breast pump system that allows for single or double pump modes, independent speed & suction, use at home or on the go, and different flange sizes so that you can pump without the fuss. Evenflo makes it easy to qualify for a free pump through insurance via a form on their website, but the Deluxe Advanced Double Electric Breast Pump is also available on Amazon (affiliate link to shop at the button below).

Lark Duo set

Comfy Nursing Wear

The closet changes a bit when you’re a nursing mama . . . and sometimes it’s hard to find clothes you actually like that make pumping or breastfeeding easier. The Larken Duo is a pumping/nursing bra and tank set that looks stylish, feels ultra-soft, and makes hands-free pumping a lot easier. I really like the length of the Signature Tank — perfect for a growing baby bump or longer postpartum coverage— and the wire-free supportive hug of the Larken X Bra. They can be worn together or separately, and come in colors like Black, Sand, and White.

mrs patels lactation cookies

Lactation Treats

One thing nearly all nursing mamas have in common is the search for their favorite product to increase milk supply. Mrs. Patel’s delicious lactation cookies and milk water teas help to do this while also supporting new mamas with beneficial spices, without the caffeine or fenugreek. I first tried these treats for their lactation superpowers and have kept buying them for years because of the taste — hands down the best lactation cookie you will ever buy and the tastiest teas, too. Another Mrs. Patel’s favorite of mine is the Superbars (yum!). Don’t miss this mama-owned Bay Area-based business’ Instagram Reels, either!

mom bracelet

Thoughtful Bling

Those cute little letter bead bracelets from childhood got an Isabelle Grace Jewelry makeover and are stunning! Alphabet bracelets are super popular right now but I love the sophisticated look of the 14K gold fill lettering and chain that allows Isabelle Grace Jewelry’s Alphabet Bracelets to mix and match so well with other jewelry and different looks. I also really prefer bracelets for postpartum — they aren’t pulled on by the kids like necklaces are and you don’t have to worry about them being covered in poo from a diaper change like a ring. Plus, a nursing mama can move the bracelet from one hand to the other if she needs help remembering which side baby nursed on last. Whether you get a bracelet that says, “mama,” or her baby’s name it will be a sweet gift.

baby's brew milk warmer

Drink Warmer

Baby’s Brew helps moms in a few different ways — It uses slow-heat tech to safely warm up baby’s formula or breastmilk when on the go or at home and can be used to heat up other drinks. Make yourself some hot water for lactation or recovery tea while out and about or reheat that coffee that’s been waiting for you since 5 a.m.!

calm confident book

Calm & Confidence

Postpartum has moments of both calm and chaos, leaving many mamas feeling lonely, anxious, and overwhelmed. “Calm & Confident Parenting” (affiliate) by Alison Mitzner, MD walks parents through

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