Fruit & Veggie Delivery Makes Eating Them Easier!

With my husband working nights and me working mornings while our daughter is at school (OK and then after school and up late at night) our daytime schedules rarely align. I sometimes barely make it to the store and then we realize that we don’t have much in the fridge so we just grab something somewhere before one of us has to go to work, an activity or something else. But I’m trying to make healthier food choices, especially for S, so I was really excited to partner with today’s post sponsor — A company that delivers organic fruits and veggies to your door!

I am a part of the Mom It Forward Blogger Network and will be paid by Farm Fresh To You for This post. All opinions and photos are my own. Please enjoy the post and snag your $10 off code (SHAR3711) if you decide to try it out.

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Farm Fresh To You is a California subscription food service with a farm in Capay Valley, CA that allows visitors to stop by for tours, or to host events on the premises. (I’m thinking about going to their farm tour on Oct. 17 to pick and decorate our pumpkin then hitch a ride on the tractor.) They handed out delicious fruit samples at the last Mom’s Night Out event I co-hosted and I’ve seen them at other events too so I’ve been wanting to try them out once they started delivering out my way, and I just learned that they do now! I was so excited to sign up and see what fruits they have and try the service to give you all my feedback. We’ve been needing fresh fruits and veggies in our lives!

FFTY all produce

When I logged into the website, I was welcomed and instructed to choose which type of box I would like. Depending on the size of your family and the produce you need, the box prices range from $26 for small to $58 for the monster size (or more if you customize and add a lot). I chose the Traditional CSA More fruit and veggie mix box ($46) then added extra items and took a few others away later in the process, which ran me up to almost $50. Farm Fresh To You allows you to choose your preferred delivery date as well as select the items you never ever want to see in any of your boxes (this I like) so there are no bad surprises. You can also select items you really want in the box, then add on other items like lavender, eggs or fresh honey. I subbed some veggies for more fruit and some other fun things I thought I’d try. I love that this is all organic and locally grown produce, so I don’t have to go to the store and overbuy or underbuy based on price, then wonder where my food really came from.

FFTY box on porch

On Thursday (my delivery day), my box arrived early in the morning (probably about 6 a.m.) so it was waiting for my husband to bring it in when he got home from work, and waiting downstairs for me when I was rushing out the door to take S to school. (Yes, I put the box back outside for the above delivery type photo.) I really love that these boxes are delivered early in the morning so the produce doesn’t get overheated and I don’t have to wait for a delivery before heading out the door. My package included an itemized list of everything I ordered, as well as the order itself, freshly prepared.

FFTY open box
I had grand plans of making an incredibly healthy dinner with my new fruits and veggies but that hasn’t panned out yet. Instead, I suddenly had still life inspiration and needed to photograph the vivid colors from a few angles before heading out the door in the morning. I took quite a few pictures (which you get to see some of here). Then we all started snacking on the fruit as soon as we got home later in the day . . . and you know how that goes. S was so excited to have an orange in the house so she asked for that first (but I maybe should have waited a few months to request that one from Farm Fresh To You since it isn’t quite orange season yet). Then she wanted to try the cute little apple that was just her size, and have me cut up the cantaloupe for another snack. I ate some strawberries and tried kiwi berries for the firs time (delicious!). When my husband woke up he tried the kiwi berries and finished them off because they were so good!

FFTY Kiwi Berries

So all of the fruit went pretty fast. I added the cantaloupe and strawberries to S’ egg breakfast this past weekend, and she’s been eating the fruit in her after-school snack I bring when I pick her up. The pears are just now the perfect amount of ripe for me to eat them so they’ll be my snack this week. I’m really excited about steaming the artichoke and using the onions in cooking, too! Sadly, the tomatoes didn’t last the weekend and went bad from the heat, but all the other food has held up nicely. I really love smelling the rosemary, too and am going to try to use that in my cooking for the first time (hopefully).

FFTY close up angled

Another aspect of Farm Fresh To You that I enjoy is that I can vary the frequency of my delivery. It can be anywhere from every week to bi-weekly, every 3 weeks, or every month. I can also modify which type of box I’d like for my next delivery and change the delivery date in my account if my next delivery is a bit too soon for me. If I don’t necessarily need a box soon I can also choose to donate a box to the closest food bank partner via the website, that’s awesome!

FFTY bowl of food

Similar to a lot of subscription services, Farm Fresh To You also has a referral program, where both you and the new customer who signs up using your code are rewarded for the referral. Check out their delivery areas, here,  to see if they deliver to you! If you decide to try Farm Fresh To You, get $10 off your first box with my referral code (SHAR3711)! If you get the small box it would cost just $16 after my code. I’m really enjoying my box and know you will enjoy yours too!

FFTY wides hot bowl


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