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How to Safely Bring Indoor Plants to the Family Home

My grandfather put a lot of work into the floral landscape around his home. It was honestly the most beautiful home garden I’d ever seen and inspired me to try my hand at gardening. But it turns out that I’m not a very good gardener. Unless my outdoor plants are connected to a drip system they’re probably going to dry up. So instead, I keep plants inside the house! How do I do this with kids ranging from ages 1-7? Well, there are 3 ways to safely bring indoor plants to the family home. Keep reading!

Get the Kids Involved

I recently picked up a cute tilted glass bowl and some rocks to put together a nice little potted succulent garden. I was worried that my 1-year-old would want to eat the rocks so I had him help me put everything together in the glass bowl. He watched the whole process and saw where the rocks were going, so if any fell on the ground he’d add them to the bowl we created! Involving him not only gave us a nice activity but showed him the proper use and purpose of the items. Older kids (like my 7-year-old) are more likely to take care of the plants and not pick at them if they’re involved in the purchase or making of indoor plants.

baby and succulent garden for indoor plant use

Keep Plants Out of Reach

My 1-year-old still likes to grab at leaves of plants or flowers so I tend to keep them out of reach. I also don’t want him picking up the glass vases that I have and accidentally dropping them. Indoor hanging plants (like these) can add depth to a room while keeping your little ones and plants safe. I like that they don’t take up a bunch of counter space or floor space, too! Have you seen the wall-hanging plants? I absolutely love these, too. I’ve seen people create little herb and fruit gardens using PVC pipes and it’s really amazing. (You’ll want to be sure that everything is secured to the wall well and isn’t low enough for your kids to pull on it or attempt to climb it.)

indoor plant- tulip vase
indoor plant -dining room with flowers

Choose the Right Materials

An important part of home safety is knowing your kids and what to expect from them based on their ages and personalities. Do your kids like to nurture plants? Do they tend to run around the house and bump into things? Consider the dynamic in your home, as well as why you want to bring plants inside before proceeding. If anyone in the home has allergies to a certain type of plant, don’t bring it home. If you have little ones, a plant that doesn’t shed petals and things that could be a choking hazard (or huge mess after being walked on) is important. You may also want a plant that doesn’t require a lot of TLC, like a leafy plant or succulent garden.

great indoor plants- succulents

You may consider plastic containers or wooden planters instead of glass for added safety since even though items may be out of reach kids like to climb (or there could be an earthquake or storm).

How to Safely Bring Indoor Plants to the Family Home

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