Mama Style: A Humorous Look at 3 Mommy Fashions

From fashion magazines to Instagram beauty bloggers, the photos never quite look like real life. Heels and shorts? I’m a mom who hasn’t had a regular exercise routine since I was in high school. I won’t even put shorts on unless I absolutely need to, so heels with them isn’t happening. So what do real mommy clothes look like? Here’s a humorous peek at the reality of mommy fashion, and an intro to the new Mama Style series on Savvy Every Day.

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This post may contain affiliate links. Introducing my daughter’s Bitty Baby, Eve, as infant stand-in.

Pajama Mom

PJ Mom_collage

You know the one. She shows up to school pick ups in baggy PJs, exposed bra and possibly some slippers. Her hair is a mess and she’s wearing a baby carrier to hide the camisole she has on. Sometimes the clothes match, others not so much.

Most moms have been here at some point, maybe when having to run to the store for late night medicine and some sort of other emergency care items. Suddenly, whether due to sleep deprivation or just simply not giving a $*%& about what people think after your kiddo ordeal, you head out in the world wearing whatever you end up in.

Workout Mom

workout mom

A lot of people walk around in workout clothes now, not just the mom who puts it on thinking it’s comfortable but slightly more acceptable than going out in pajamas when you feel like the walking dead. Some moms are actually wearing this stuff because they’re on their way to or from a workout . . . or hoping that if they put it on they’ll be motivate to actually make it to the gym. These are Lululemon moms, CrossFit moms, walking moms and Stroller Stride moms mixed in with moms who just enjoy comfy loungewear with their diaper bags.

Casual Hipster Mom

Cubs walking with phone_logo

OK, I’m guilty of this one to a point. From flats to skinny jeans, maybe even the newest anti-masses sunglasses . . . these moms are young (or trying to be) and dressed for casual visits with friends. They stay up on trends just to avoid them, or maybe wear them on the cheap. This mom looks ready for the zoo or some sort of field trip — always. She blends expensive with dirt cheap, between her phone, purse and $7 jeans. You may see her in a convention t-shirt, something with a comic book character on it, or even a sports team fan shirt.

Which mommy fashion do you wear? Can you think of some more for the next edition of Mama Style Humor? I think I’m missing Strictly Business Mommy, so that will have to make it in.

All photos copyrighted and taken by the lovely Kai Sotto Photography (thank you so much for working with me on this)! Info about the makeup look and products used can be found here (click).

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