Collage of Alice Through the Looking Glass poster and movie title

New Alice Through the Looking Glass Preview

Alice Through the Looking Glass posters next to each other
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A new preview clip of Alice Through the Looking Glass is out, have you seen it? This is the second film in the new Alice in Wonderland series, and it looks much darker than the previous film. Graphics and acting definitely gives the movie a very believable feel, transporting the viewer to the topsy turvy dark and dangerous world of Underland. The preview starts with a land reminiscent of the place Ella from Cinderella lives in with butterflies, florals and formal gowns. But then Alice steps through a mirror into another realm and appears in a sort of Bohemian/Madd Hatter pant dress to begin her journey to save the Mat Hatter from the villain Time. I’d say this is a 12-13 and up film, but I’m curious to see what it’s rated once the ratings are out. Watch it below!

What do you think? Who’s more excited about seeing this flick, you or your kids?

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