preschooler holiday gift guide
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Shopping for Preschoolers? Gift Ideas To Keep Your Kids Engaged All Holiday Season

The preschool years are all about play-based learning, and self-expression. and emotional growth so this year’s preschooler holiday gift guide is filled with different ways to boost your preschooler’s self-confidence.

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preschooler holiday gift guide

Travel Friends

When you want a dollhouse that doesn’t take over your actual house AND that you can bring anywhere, you order one from Hope Haven Little Homes. Their adorable little travel houses include accessories to create a scene and the little knit animals make the perfect friends for pretend play.

hope haven little homes preschooler gift

Sensory Play

There’s slime as you knew it before this article and then there’s OG Slimes. Every single custom slime kit from OG Slimes looks super realistic and is a sensory experience! Now some of these look good enough to eat so adult supervision is required, but with everything from Hello Kitty to Pink Drink and Grandma’s Cookies, the fun is endless.

OG Slime preschool gift

Clean fun

Starting preschool means more baths throughout the week, but frequent baths and holiday weather can be rough on the skin. Protect your kiddo’s sensitive skin with Tubby Todd’s The Regulars Bundle — it includes an all-over ointment, everyday lotion, and long-lasting bubble-making hair and body wash. We’re loving the festive aroma of Cranberry Mandarin and all the bubbles for creative bathtime fun.

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Personalized learning

Preschoolers learn through play, making membership to an educational app like HOMER Learn & Grow a great gift for building confidence in learners! Each child’s account is tailored to them based on their age and knowledge paired with how they do in each section of the app. Kids ages 2-6+ literally learn as they play in the app and grow older!

homer app gift guide

Calming friends

Your preschooler will adore hugging their Supersized Warmies stuffed animal. Each animal comes with a removable heat pack for cooling or warming and fresh lavender to calm the nerves as your preschooler works through tough emotions.

Warmies giant cat preschool gift
Shopping for Preschoolers? Gift Ideas To Keep Your Kids Engaged All Holiday Season

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