Save Butterflies & Win a Trip to Walt Disney World

Credit: Flickr CC user  Photography Peter101
Credit: Flickr CC user Photography Peter101

Monarch butterflies are an integral part of nature, but like bees they’re sadly dwindling in number. So the National Wildlife Federation (NWF) has created an opportunity for families to spend more time together and help save butterflies at the same time. It takes just 10 minutes or less of your day to make a big difference in the world of a butterfly (and ultimately us all, really), but these activities area also a great way to educate kids about life sciences and the value of giving back to nature.

1. Take a Picture: The NWF Butterfly Hero campaign urges families to snap a photo of themselves saying “butterfly” in American Sign Language to show support and a promise to make a more livable world for butterflies. While supplies last, NWF will send a butterfly kit to families who upload their butterfly sign photo to the website. Families who submit pictures by May 15, 2015 will also be entered to win a trip for four to Walt Disney World!

2. Start a Garden: Make family time to decorate pots for your butterfly garden and get everything prepped before you plant. Here are some tips for a successful butterfly garden.

3. Plant Milkweed: Once your butterfly kit comes in (or if you happen to have milkweed at your local nursery), plant the milkweed seeds in your decorated pots, then nurture the habitat that will soon grow. Track the growth and progress of the milkweed seeds, along with the number of butterfly friends it attracts.

4. Talk to Your School About Habitats: There are habitat programs available for schools and communities interested in starting a butterfly habitat, the perfect real world science lesson for kids. Check out NWF’s resources, here.


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