Savvy (Beauty) Review: OZ Naturals Professional Moisturizing Serum

After kids it seems like your skin gets dryer and there’s a new wrinkle each morning . . .OK, it could be just after age 25, but the point is that’s it’s no fun. There are a lot of skin care products claiming to hydrate and repair skin, but they also contain harsh chemicals that could cause worse damage to your skin and body, so I try to review and share natural products that can help instead. OZ Naturals sent me their Professional Moisturizing Serum ($16. 45, Amazon) and I spent the last week testing it out. Does it really reduce fine lines and hydrate skin? Check out the video for more info about the serum, and my review.

For more info, check out the serum on Amazon, here.

I was sent a sample of OZ Natural’s Professional Moisturizing Serum for this review, no compensation was given and all opinions are my own. This post may contain affiliate links, thanks for supporting this site!

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