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Savvy Review: The 52 New Foods Challenge

Last week I was invited to a cooking demo and dinner at Williams-Sonoma in San Francisco for the re-release of The 52 New Foods Challenge cookbook ($15, Amazon), a book about cooking as a family and trying new foods together. I’ve wanted to go to a Williams-Sonoma cooking class for about 3 years now so I was overjoyed to have the opportunity to venture out with friends for a cooking demo by 52 New Foods author, Jennifer Tyler Lee.


Williams-Sonoma’s San Francisco cooking classes are held in a section of the third floor with a large kitchen filled with all sorts of fun pots, pans and cooking goodies. Event hosts had a large table decorated and set for everyone to enjoy the evening, and our 52 New Foods dinner.

eggplant on table

Like any fantastic SF event, there was wine . . . a lot of wine.

pouring wine


After everyone arrived Jennifer started her first cooking demo — Roasted Brussels Sprouts Chips. I’m not the biggest fan of brussels sprouts, but these seem so simple to make with the kids and were absolutely delicious! After prep and cooking, everyone had the chance to taste all the delicious healthy food we had been salivating over.baking brussel sprouts

I left with a signed copy of The 52 New Foods Challenge and knew it would be put to good to use. I took some time to look through it (you know the way moms do — by skimming and flipping) and just love it! I hear about eating seasonally all the time but I have super poor memory sometimes and can’t remember what’s in season and when. This book makes eating seasonally easier with a list of new foods to try for the different seasons so that you can not only stick to that challenge, but also try something new.


A lot of the recipes seem easy, with simple ingredients, which I like as well. I made an apple slice sandwich with my daughter earlier today (just apple slices and peanut butter . . . though the recipe called for Sunflower seed butter) and it was fantastic. I had totally forgotten about this gem of a snack, and my daughter had so much fun making and eating her sandwich.

I’ve learned a few tips from the book already, too!

1. Introduce your family to new foods by pairing them with foods they already love (Ex: Introduce blueberries with your child’s favorite, the strawberry).

2. Stock the fridge with colorful foods, and keep them low in the fridge so kids will reach for healthy options.

3. Let the kiddos cook with you, they’re more likely to eat the food if they helped prepare it!

4. Eat in season while trying a few new food items each month.

I already like this book so I’m very excited to keep using it as a resource for snacks and meals with the family.

Do you have a favorite healthy food tip? Share your tip in the comment section below!

I was provided with a signed copy of The 52 New Foods Challenge and event goodie bag. All opinions are my own and this post was voluntary.

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