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The Shirt That’s Soothing Babies and Empowering Women

Lalabu, named in honor of mama Lalabu by creators Keri and Brian because she introduced skin-to-skin and babywearing to them while on a trip in Africa, creates a fashionable Soothe Shirt ($60) perfect for infants from birth to 15 pounds. They sent me a Pure Black Soothe Shirt to review for you all (so look for that toward the end), but before I share my review, I wanted to tell you why I chose to review this Soothe Shirt — it’s beautiful.

a Lalabu-Soothe-Shirt-Sleep

Since I just recently learned that there’s more to babywearing than the Baby Bjorn and Ergo, when I first saw the stunning images of the Lalabu Soothe Shirt, I had to find out more. What is Lalabu, is it like a Moby? It turns out no, Lalabu’s Soothe Shirt is most definitely not a wrap style carrier  or used for babywearing because you still need to hold baby at all times (with at least one hand). The Soothe Shirt is a nursing tank with a kangaroo-style pouch for baby to sit in frog-legged so that he’s close to mom. The Soothe Shirt allows for a fantastci skin-to-skin bond while holding baby with at least one hand, can be used as a convenient nursing top (but not while baby is in the pouch), and is flattering to new mamas (thank you extra wide straps). The image below breaks down the differences between wraps, other soothe products and the Soothe Shirt pretty well. I love all the info so I had to share it.

2c Soothe-Shirt-How-It-Is-Different

After seeing all this neat info, I learned that Lalabu is not only about soothing babies and making skin-to-skin easier for moms, but empowering women. The company donates a $1 of every purchase to women in Africa through Kiva, and pays employees to work a full day at a women’s shelter instead of at Lalabu one day every week. I’ve seen companies that donate a $1 of every purchase to charities before, but I’ve never heard of a company paying employees to work a full day for women in need every single week. What an amazing thing for Lalabu to do for their local Atlanta community, while also helping to empower women in Africa. At this point, I knew I absolutely had to review the Soothe Shirt.


Unfortunately, my daughter is 3 and well over 15 pounds so there’s no way she would fit in the Soothe Shirt and all the babies I know are also well over 15 pounds. So, I borrowed a friend’s 15-pound 1-year-old to test out the Lalabu and to take a few pictures and it was surprisingly comfortable! I didn’t feel any back pain (and I suffer from chronic back and neck pain), and she felt secure with just a single hand hold. Even at 1-year of age, she really appreciated the snug environment and being close to someone.

Now for me review . . . I used one of my daughter’s baby dolls in this video to show you what the Lalabu Soothe Shirt looks like, and how it can be used. Enjoy! (if you want to try out the Soothe Shirt for yourself, use code savvy10 for 10 percent off your order!)

Lalabu sent me a Soothe Shirt for review and provided images for this psot. All opinions are my own.

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