What’s It’s Like at a See’s Candies Store Preview

I went to a fun little pre-opening event at a See’s Candies in my hometown of Fremont, CA last night, and it was pretty fun! I’d never gone to one of these before, so I decided to leave Savannah with grandma (the chocolate temptation would be too great for her), and headed out for some mommy-chocolate time. The attendees were primarily from a mommy group, but I also ran into a few blogger gals I know and was excited to visit with, and met Lunch Box Dad in person! Rather than write a long post about this, I thought I’d post some tasty looking pics from the event, it’s more a see than read about type of topic after all.

Attendees tried their hand at packing boxes in a race, so I felt a bit like Lucille Ball in the I Love Lucy episode when she works at the chocolate factory (It was based on the the original See’s Candies in LA and how they hand-pack their boxes.) Everyone left with a fun goody bag, and some hefty candy that we purchased.

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  1. Love all your photos from yesterday’s event. So fun taste testing the See’s chocolate – especially considering I had never stepped inside one before. Good seeing you!!

    1. Thanks, Nancy! Sorry that I’m just now seeing this, my comments feature has been a bit wonky. It was great to see you, too. 🙂