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3 Super Embarrassing Mom Things I Did (In Just One Week)

Kids sometimes do embarrassing things in public, but let’s not forget that we parents can be pretty embarrassing ourselves, even before they become teenagers. My daughter is 6, and even though she may not be embarrassed of me yet, I’m pretty embarrassed for her. Here’s a list of super embarrassing mom things I did in just one week. The mom brain is strong here and I don’t think pregnancy brain ever left.

S and I eating a snack

A sticky breakfast foul: A waitress handed me my plate of waffles and syrup and I guess there wasn’t a clear spot for the plate just yet or something because I tried to hold it up with one hand while talking to her and moving some other things. My husband started saying something about something and reaching for the plate and I was like, “what?” “Oh…” The result? Syrup all over my leg, the baby’s hands and legs, and his new travel highchair. I used to always spill drinks on myself when I first met my husband so he was like, “We had so many years without it!” Sorry, it’s back. Ahaha that was no fun but it made me laugh.

That time when it wasn’t time: I put makeup on, made dinner early, and prepared my husband’s work lunch early so that we could all go to S’ back-to-school info night together. S even picked out a cute dress to wear and my husband woke up early so he could go. But when we got there the parking lot seemed sparse and the room assignments weren’t up. It turned out that I had the wrong day!

When not reading instructions was a big mistake: I started to sense signs that I might be preggo but I’m 5-months postpartum and breastfeeding so it’s not like my period could let on to it. I went to the store for a preggo test and noticed a brand I don’t normally use had a box with two digital tests and a $2 off coupon so I picked up that one (mom logic) and took it the next morning for the most accurate reading. Positive! I made a same-day OBGYN appointment to find out how far along I might be and of course had to bring the 6-year-old and 5-month-old along, too. The OBGYN was delayed 40 mins but it was fine because I needed this appointment. When I saw her she couldn’t find anything so she said I was probably only 3-4 weeks along since tests can tell before an ultrasound. She gave me prenatal forms to fill out then sent me to have bloodwork done. Later that day when emptying my trash I took another look at the pregnancy test and decided to actually glance at the paper directions. OMG. The line that I read as Positive was actually a “control” area. Why is that there?! Apparently not all pregnancy tests are the same … and my test was actually negative. So embarrassing. I received medical emails about my new pregnancy and started my after pregnancy period the next day. I’m not the only one, though, apparently, you can feel pregnancy symptoms just before your first period returns! (See here.)

Now it’s your turn. share your embarrassing mom moments!

3 Embarrassing Mom Things I Did in One Week

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  1. OMG!! That’s too funny. I’ve definitely been there with spilling drinks.. and plate toppings!

  2. I have totally showed up to things at the wrong time or completely wrong day. And I know several friends who have done the same so you’re definitely not alone!

    1. Thanks, Sara! I think it’s the fact that so many things happened in just one week. Mom brain is rough sometimes haha.