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4 Gender Neutral Easter Baskets For Toddlers & Preschoolers

Easter baskets don’t need to have candy and chocolate, or even a ton of girly or boy things to make them special. If you’re looking for a few gender neutral basket ideas that will allow your son or daughter to explore both their creativity and critical thinking skills without the strict gender rolls, these options for toddler and preschooler Easter baskets under $20 should be helpful. Read through then let me know which are your favorites!

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Toddler Easter Baskets Under $21

toddler Easter Basket with bunny text

Toddler Basket Option 1, $20

1. Gray Stuffed Bunny ($9, World Market): This cuddly bunny is the perfect companion for any toddler to snuggle at bedtime, or dress up for play time.

2. Where Are Baby’s Easter Eggs? ($7, Target.com) Copyright©2008 by Karen Katz/Simon and Schuster*: This flip and find board book is perfect for early toddlers. Help your little one guess where the eggs could be hiding, then find them throughout the story.

3. Lego Duplo Apple ($4, Toys R’ Us): Blocks are fun for kids of all ages, but Legos are a great way to ignite creative thinking and problem solving. Watch as your little one explores different ways to pile them for new shapes. This set has minimal bricks for toddler play.

Toddler Basket Option 2 (Not Pictured), $16

Lego Duplo Ville Zoo ($7, Toys R’ Us):  This set is for older toddlers who won’t put the extra parts in their mouth and who are interested in animals. (Though Duplo offers an array of products, these were a few under $10 that fit within this basket’s budget.)

The Velveteen Rabbit ($9, Amazon): Before Blue came to life out of a storybook in Blues Clues, there was a little velveteen rabbit who was brought to life through the love of a child. This board book reprint of the classic tale from 1922 shares the story of love — A perfect tale for Easter.

Preschooler Easter Baskets Under $20

$15Preschooler Easter Baskettext

Preschooler Basket Option 1, $15

1. Buzzy Seeds Mini Grow Pots ($1, Target Stores): Grow flowers, fruits or vegetables with these cute mini kits complete with ceramic pot, seeds and dirt are an adorable Spring gift.(in the One Spot section). Buy three for $3 for this basket dollar amount.

2. Lego Duplo Ducks ($10, Toys R’ Us): This set is simple but offers more options for creativity for kids as they get older.

3. One Spot Section Items (not shown): There are quite a few items in that $5 and under section at Target that would make great add-on Easter basket gifts. Every Target is different, but the ones I went to have Slinky, little felt scenes and felt pieces for kids to make scenes, coloring books for Spring/Easter, and more. Buy two $1 items to complete this $15 basket.

$18Preschooler Easter Basket

Preschooler Basket Option 2, $17.40

1. Buzzy Seeds Easter Grass Grow Kit ($3, Target Stores): A cute bunny pot that grows grass for Easter (in Special Occasion section).

2. Gray Stuffed Bunny ($9, World Market): This cuddly bunny is a great sensory object for preschoolers who like to have a buddy with them at all times.

3. John N. Hansen Band In A Box ($5.40, Target.com): Musical instruments are fun and fantastic for brain development. This particular set is at a great price, too!

* I was given permission by Karen Katz to use her book cover image in this post.

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