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6 Ways to Sneak Easy Exercise Into Your Day

Exercise can be something moms equally loath and fantasize about. There are the super fit moms who get up at crazy hours to go running, the moms who are determined to make the time to visit the gym every week, and then there are all the other moms who are lucky to make it to the bathroom alone. If you’re a mom who can’t seem to find a sitter for a random yoga class, let alone some quiet time at home (and a family bicycle ride isn’t an option) these tips are for you. Keep reading for some workout hacks to start trying now.

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1. Squeeze Your Checks

When you’re walking the little one to the park or school, squeeze your cheeks with each step to work on that tush! This is a great workout that blends into your day.

2. Skip a Few Steps

Safely (without a giant laundry basket), skip a step or two when you climb the stairs at home or work to create a sort of lunge as you ascend. When your feet meet, squeeze your checks, then skip another step.

3. Remember Your Kegals

Leave yourself a cryptic note or symbol . . . maybe an alarm on your phone that reminds you to do kegal exercises when you’re sitting at your desk at work, or checking Facebook at home. Kegals not only maintain your health for now but maintain your health for later in life and you may even feel it in your abs.

4. Stretch

Even if you’re sitting down at the end of a long day, stretch your legs and arms out. Waiting for your kiddo to come down the stairs, or watching her play at the park? Take this time to stretch your arms and legs, and even point and flex your feet.

5. Multitask in the Mirror

Instead of just standing in front of the mirror to brush your teeth, apply powder, or dry your hair liven it up! Do side kicks while brushing your teeth, or lunges while your apply your foundation. You can even practice your own belly dance hip lift while brushing those gorgeous locks!

6. Remember Your Posture

Having great posture isn’t easy when your days consist of bending over to tie shoes or pick things up that were thrown on the ground, or anything having to do with little kids, but it is important. Why? Because, working on your posture a bit works your core (stomach muscles), which support your back, which you need for all the bending and lifting you do every day. Posture also ensures you’re back doesn’t start to hunch over, pushes your shoulders back a bit, and perks up your breasts so they’re looking good. Plus, if your child spends a lot of time with you, chances are they’re growing in your image, meaning they’ll start to copy your posture early on in life.

Have more to add? Please share your tips in the comments below and we’ll add on to this list!

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    1. Thank you! Your post is perfect for #SavvySummer (making this Summer filled with healthy choices), too. My next health post is actually about outdoor exercise 🙂