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The Toddler 20: Weight Gain and Muscle Loss Years After Giving Birth

During my pregnancy I wasn’t concerned with gaining weight because it was in the norm of my pregnancy . . . and I love food (or the excuse to eat more of it), and after my daughter was born my body bounced back OK (plus I just had a baby!) so I wasn’t stressing then either. But, my daughter is 3 now and added weight has made a home in my body. It’s not like it crept up, I’ve seen it coming and told myself to combat it with exercise, then chose to finish my work (while eating my daily dose of chocolate) and get some sleep instead. I think most weight gain from child birth comes years after having the baby: the Toddler 20. It’s difficult to want to workout, and twice as difficult to get there kid-free. I gained weight in my stomach to the point that it reminds me of being 5 months pregnant, and my muscle mass is pretty much depleted. I am so weak.

Photo Credit: Harsha K R via Flick CC
Photo Credit: Harsha K R via Flick CC

A friend of mine who I equate to a Barbie doll had a little boy about a year ago and looks amazing. A-maz-ing! I’m not jealous of her gorgeous body though, I’m envious that she has the dedication and will power to make it to the gym and invest in her health. I’m so bad at working out that I’ve created a graphic showing all the things that are keeping me from working out, which I’ll call “The Gym.”


I’ve never been an exercise nut or gym goer, but I did at least workout every once in a while in my pre-baby days. Now, I have little activity and feel it sucking my energy, which of course makes me want to do even less! I’m not happy with my body anymore — a first since being pregnant. Sure I felt inadequate with my tiny A-cup boobs before pregnancy, but other than that I was good. With pregnancy I got my dream boobs, and have been feeling pretty confidant . . . until now. I have a belly, my thighs are huge, I have those divot things you get in the back of your legs making shorts an avoidable, and I feel sleepy all the time! All. The. Time.

It’s time for me to make a change. I need more stamina, more strength, and less back pain (and stronger abs). So I’m going to make this a Healthy Summer here at Savvy Every Day, where moms can focus on being healthy and feeling better. Achieving this doesn’t mean dieting or getting skinny, it means portioning, exercising, and strengthening. A Savvy Summer means balance and better health for yourself (If you go down a size or tone up on the way, then that’s just an added bonus).

Join me in this weekly series to not just regain my body and health, but your own!

Chronicle your journey with me by using hashtag SavvySummer when you make any health or lifestyle choices for the better that you would like to share (quit fast food, lay off soda, do 10 sit ups, or even do 1 sit up), no matter how little or big! Everyone has different health and exercise goals, and I think any little steps are actually huge accomplishments.

See you next week for the first #SavvySummer post!

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  1. I’m in the exact same situation! I started working out in January — at least 30 minutes every other day — but fell out of my rhythm after we went on vacation. You just inspired me to get back to working out!

    1. I’m so glad you’ll be joining me, Jen! The more moms the better the support and accountability (which I will really need).

  2. Best of luck to you! I started this journey last August and have been doing different workouts (T25, 21-Day Fix, Ripped in 30) and while I’m not back to what I used to be, I do feel good about myself knowing that I’ve found 30-minutes 3-7 times a week to focus on my health. Here’s to all of you embarking on a #SavvySummer. Good luck! I’ll be sure to join in when I have news to share!

    1. Amy, finding 30 minutes 3-7 times a week is a huge accomplishment! I’, still trying to find just one 30-minute workout time for the week. I’m so glad you’ll be joining me for a #SavvySummer!