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8 Family Workouts to Try This Week

If making it to the gym or working out to a DVD at home aren’t options for you thanks to your kiddo’s ability to interrupt any attempt to exercise, getting a workout in while brushing your teeth or walking around the house may be an option . . . or a family workout! Simply by playing with your kids or taking them on outdoor activities you can get some exercise in together as a family. Check out the eight tips below and add more in the comments if your family workout isn’t here.

Credit: Flickr user Lars Plougmann
Credit: Flickr user Lars Plougmann

1. Dance It Out

Kids love to dance, so start a dance party with your kids to get your adrenaline going (and wear them out for nap or bedtime). Mama Tip: Add your dance party to the family calendar and celebrate the music and dance of different eras, styles, and cultures! Even if you have a little one who can’t walk yet, she’ll love having you hold her (in your arms or a carrier) and dance to different songs.

2. Go for a Ride

A family bike ride is a great way to spend some time together outdoors while getting in a workout. If your child isn’t old enough to ride his own bike you can pull him in a bike trailer or attach a kids bike seat to yours.

3. Hula Hoop Party

Teach your child how to hula hoop, then turn on some music and see how long each of you can keep the hoop up. A hula hoop offers both fun and exercise for kids of all ages (young or adult).

4. Jump, Jump

Jumping rope is a great way to raise your heart rate, and another activity both kids and adults like to do for a great workout. Sing songs while you jump, or see if you can get fancy with your jumping steps.

5. Hike

The whole family may enjoy a nature hike at a local state park with so much to see, safe paths and beautiful viewpoints. Talk to your kids about the sounds they hear and sights they see along the way.

6. Stroller Run

If you’re into running, jogging with the stroller is a fantastic way to exercise with the family. Take turns pushing the stroller with your partner or join a stroller walking or jogging group. You’ll get in a rigorous workout while your child gets a fun ride (or nap).

7. Pool Time

Whether you’re in a parent-tot swim class or playing a game of Marco Polo, water time equals an aquatic workout (perfect for hot Summer days).

8. Play Tag

Kids love a good game of tag. If you happen to have a few squealing preschoolers, they may even like playing monster, where the adult is the monster and they run from you, or use their powers to freeze you. Either way, you’re outside running around and having a blast.


 What’s missing? Share your favorite family workouts in the comments below!

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