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The Copy & Paste Baby Registry

When it comes to baby registry lists, the most common question is usually, “What should I put on my baby registry and what should I skip?” So to make this whole registry thing easier, I’ve created The Copy & Paste Baby Shower Registry.

This guide is filled with the most useful baby shower gifts — with a focus on eco-friendly & natural when possible — using a combination of my own experience with 4+ kiddos, the needs of expecting & postpartum clients, and online recommendations from parents throughout the U.S. Whether you’re a first-time parent, adopting or expecting again, this guide was created for you — simply send it to friends & family instead of spending hours searching for the right items online.

All items in The Copy & Paste Baby Registry were reviewed to ensure we’re recommending quality items. This guide also includes affiliate links and discount codes. (We only sign up to be an affiliate for companies we already recommend.)

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For Mom

HAPP diaper backpack in dusty pink
HAPP Levy Diaper Backpack

This stylish backpack offers a lightweight feel yet durable material packed with the tools to keep a new mom organized. The HAPP Levy diaper backpack comes in 3 colorways and offers a variety of matching inserts to help keep everything together.

8 Sheep Organic Sleep Lotion
8 Sheep Organic Sleep Lotion

Pregnancy and postpartum come with a lot of not-so-fun things that disturb your sleep like restless legs & cramps, back & hip pain, and nighttime wake-ups. This creamy US-made lotion includes 100% organic ingredients to help mamas get more restful, deeper sleep.

Sustainable Baby MoonWomb™
Sustainable Baby MoonWomb™

The MoonWomb™ pillow is perfect for easing sleeping pains during pregnancy by allowing for proper body positioning but can also be used for years to come as a nursing pillow or stylish bed or couch pillow. Bonus: Try using it with baby for tummy time!

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Solly Mom & Baby Bundle
Solly Mom & Baby Bundle baby shower

Aside from Solly Baby’s cozy US-made baby swaddle and wrap, this beautiful gift bundle includes a buttery soft robe for pregnancy or postpartum, along with a Teakwood candle to help restore moments of calm for mom.

Earth Mama baby registry gift set
Earth Mama Toiletry Gift Set

Earth Mama Organics’ eco-friendly package includes 5 mini cruelty-free products perfect for a Babymoon, daily use, or the hospital birth bag — a mini citrus deodorant, orange belly butter, Castile body wash, belly oil, and orange ginger lip balm.

Lilu Massage Bra
Lilu Massage Bra

The Lilu Massage Bra gently mimics the compression of hand massage to help moms get 30-55% more milk out each pumping session — all hands-free. Lilu is created by a female-led, BIPOC team hoping to make the world an easier place for new moms.

crane deluxe breast pump
Deluxe Cordless Electric Breastpump

Crane’s Deluxe Cordless Electric Breastpump mimics baby’s sucking motion, is super quiet, and offers dual modes to make using it a breeze. Definitely look into this pump for the mom going back to work soon or who simply wants to start storing milk for other reasons.

Crane lactation massager
Crane Lactation Massager

If the new mama doesn’t plan on pumping or needing a whole bra to help massage the breasts for a letdown, check out Crane’s Lactation Massager. It’s great for helping to move milk along or even for use on sore muscles during labor!

complete postpartum prep
Complete Postpartum Prep

It doesn’t matter if this is the first baby or the fifth, there’s a lot that changes with each birth, and a lot that’s unknown to most mothers. The Complete Postpartum Prep online program equips moms with education and resources so that she already knows what to do when she’s in postpartum.

All The Baby Things

BOB Alterrain Stroller
BOB Alterrain Stroller

From a height-adjustable handlebar, UPF 50+ canopy, simple quick fold, 5 storage pockets, a smooth ride, and a sleek metal frame it’s no wonder BOB strollers are a parent favorite whether they participate in Fit4Mom or not. It’s also a cinch to assemble (which is huge).

Hope & Plum Ring Sling
Hope & Plum Ring Sling

Ring slings are simple-to-use, compact carriers that also double as a nursing cover, spit-up rag, baby blanket, and more! Hemp ring slings can go in the water and hold heavier tots as well, but Hope & Plum offers free private consultations to find the right ring sling for each family’s needs.

Yogasleep Nod

Yogasleep’s Nod sound machine with a soft dimmable nightlight includes a variety of pink noise sounds (about 20) and sleep timers so that everyone can get a restful sleep.

baby moses basket
Little Green Sheep Quilted Moses Basket

Moses baskets are versatile and lightweight sleepers for babies ages 6 months and younger, making adding one to the list for use in the bedroom, living room, or at a relative’s house a must. This Little Green Sheep Quilted Moses Basket at Scandiborn comes complete with an organic mattress for a safe and natural sleep start.

infant massage baby registry guide
Infant Massage Education

Infant massage helps parents and babies sleep better, connect more, and feel less anxious. It has also been known to reduce body tightness and pain in babies, reduce gas and colic, and boost mood. The gift of an on-demand virtual infant massage class will last the new family for years as they continue what they’ve learned as their child grows.

little dutch baby memory box
Little Dutch Memory Box

Sometimes keeping memories together is a lot easier than creating a baby book with every little moment and milestone written down and photographed. The Little Dutch Memory Box at Scandiborn helps families cherish the big memories for their little one to look at in the future. Everything from special notes, that first lock of hair, and foot & handprints are kept safe.

Mason Bottle set
Mason Bottle Set

The perfect option for eco-conscious families who want to keep the number of plastics low. Mason Bottles also function as durable mason jars to store breastmilk, formula, baby food, and more!

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The Noggle
The Noggle

It’s difficult to get good airflow to the second or third rows of most cars, and even harder for a rear-facing car seat — until you have The Noggle. This car seat tech-approved device allows for more direct airflow to the littles in the back seats so they can stay cool & safe. Get 10% off your order via the link below!

Etta Loves Reversible Travel Playmat
Etta Loves Reversible Travel Cushion

Tummy time just got more interesting! Etta Loves designed their organic playmats with an orthoptist to support babies’ visual and cognitive development. The patterns encourage babies to use their back, neck, and shoulder muscles as prep for crawling.

Cam Cam Changing Cushion
Cam CamCushion

Changing tables are a thing of the past. Changing cushions like the Cam Cam Changing Cushion from Scandiborn allow for comfortable diaper changes anywhere — on the dresser, on the floor, at the grandparent’s house, or on a trip!

Lovevery Play Kits baby registry gift list
Lovevery Play Kits

Lovevery Play Kits take the guesswork out of what to do with the baby! Each kit is designed for a specific age range or stage of development and includes both appropriate heirloom-quality toys and a booklet with more ways to expand the development-based fun.

Britax Travel System
Britax Travel System

Looking for a parent-friendly travel system? This Britax set includes the sleek B-Lively stroller (super easy to put together and fold/unfold) and B-Safe car seat with a steel-reinforced car seat base and SafeCell crumple zone, two layers of side impact protection, and secure installation with or without a base!

Omni Breeze Carrier
Omni Breeze Carrier

Ergobaby’s Omni Breeze is a fantastic carrier for both daily use and outdoor adventures because it has SoftFlex™ mesh fabric for maximum airflow. I always recommend having a few babywearing options since different members of the family have their own carrier preferences (and when/where you babywear may decide which you use).

California Baby Welcome Baby Basket
California Baby Welcome Baby Basket

This basket is jam-packed with 14 products to help new parents keep their baby clean and comfortable — from their sweet bubble bath and body wash to diaper wash, Calendula cream, diaper ointment, sunscreen, and hand sanitizer! And it’s all plant-based, cruelty-free, and allergy-tested.

ChildLife Essentials Baby Wellness Kit
Organic Baby Wellness Essentials

Ensuring new families have all the tools they need to keep their little one(s) healthy is extremely important. ChildLife Essentials’ Organic Baby Essentials Bundle includes Organic Vitamin K2, Vitamin D3, and Gripe Water to help set a strong foundation for health and save parents from late-night trips to the pharmacy.

For The Whole Family

wander and roam playmat
wander & roam Mat

Wander & Roam play mats are eco-friendly, hypoallergenic & easy to clean making them the perfect spot for everything from diaper changes and tummy time to infant massage, toy building, and postpartum workouts. The variety of stylish designs allows for use as a rug in common areas of the home too — it’s a dream to walk on.

Crane 4-in-1 Cool Humidifier
Crane 4-in-1 Cool Humidifier

Since the AAP recommends room sharing for the first year, both baby and parents will benefit from Crane’s new super quiet 4-in-1 Drop Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier. If the family isn’t room-sharing, buy them a few of these, it’s a MUST for each room!

Bro-To Travel Lot
Bro-To Travel Lot

Bro-To’s travel set is a great gift for expecting fathers as it comes in handy on a babymoon, at a hospital birth, or at home for daily use! The Lot includes a gentle face wash, a non-greasy face oil, and a lightweight, non-greasy moisturizer that hydrates and soothes.

Branch Basics Cleaning Kit
Branch Basics Cleaning Kit

The arrival of a new baby is the perfect time to ditch the toxins and switch to safer, more eco-friendly cleaning supplies that work well. This starter kit has everything to help an expecting family prep for baby, or a friend/family member to use safely when cleaning house for the new parents as a gift. Get $10 off by using my link (below or hyperlinked above).

Spoonful of Comfort Care Package
Spoonful of Comfort Care Package

Remembering to eat is one thing, figuring out what to eat and how to get it is a whole other problem for new parents! The Spoonful of Comfort New Parent Care Package solves this problem via warming seasonal soups, Bacci rolls, yummy cookies, and a sweet notecard.

Groto Sibling Bath Set
Gro-To Sibling Bath Set

Gift the big sibling(s) their own special bath set just like the baby’s getting from the shower! This kit includes a gentle plant-based bubble bath/body wash, calming body lotion, a soothing body oil, and a Bad Dream Buster calming room spray. The funny face stickers and fun lunchbox tote allow for imaginative play, too!

>> Click here to Download a shoppable PDF version of The Copy & Paste Baby Registry <<
baby shower dessert table

Navigating Parenthood’s Copy & Paste Baby Registry is focused on eco-friendly/safe options and is split up into simple sections like Mom, Baby, and Whole Family so friends & family can easily find something from one or each category to gift at the baby shower. This guide does not include a crib or separate “nursery” section since not all parents use these and the AAP recommends room sharing for the first year of life. All items in The Copy & Paste Baby Registry were reviewed to ensure we’re recommending quality items. This guide also includes affiliate links and discount codes. (We only sign up to be an affiliate for companies we already recommend.)

The Copy & Paste Baby Registry

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