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The Copy & Paste Baby Registry Gift Guide

When it comes to baby registry gifts and lists, the most common question is usually, “What should I put on my baby registry and what should I skip?” So to make this whole registry thing easier, I’ve created The Copy & Paste Baby Shower Registry Gift Guide.

This guide is filled with the most useful baby shower gifts — with a focus on eco-friendly & natural when possible — using a combination of my own experience with 5+ kiddos, the needs of my expecting & postpartum clients, and online recommendations from parents throughout the U.S. Whether you’re a first-time parent, adopting, or expecting again, this guide was created for you — simply send it to friends & family instead of spending hours searching for the right items online! You could even add these items to your Babylist Registry.

This post contains affiliate links, which means that — at no cost to you — we may earn a small commission on any purchases you make from the recommendations we share. This helps keep our website running so that we can offer you free content and resources! All items have been sent in for review by the brands to ensure a fit, we won’t recommend something if it doesn’t pass our testing.

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For Mom

Ayla & Co. diaper bag set for baby registry

Ayla & Co. Diaper Backpack

This stylish backpack offers a lightweight feel yet durable material packed with the tools to keep a new mom organized. The Ayla & Co. diaper backpack comes in 7 colorways, each packed with a variety of matching inserts to help keep everything together. Opt for the vacuum bundle to get the Ayla Vac too! This portable vacuum features dual-speed suction and long battery life for a full day’s messes.

Earthley Goodnight Magnesium Lotion for baby registry gift guide

Magnesium Lotion

Pregnancy and postpartum come with a lot of not-so-fun things that disturb your sleep like restless legs & cramps, back & hip pain, and nighttime wake-ups. This creamy US-made magnesium lotion includes natural ingredients like Shea Butter, Candelilla Wax, Apricot Butter, and Magnesium Chloride Flakes to help mamas get more restful, deeper sleep while nourishing their skin and supporting overall health (magnesium performs over 300 essential functions in your body).

Mommy Matters postpartum set for baby registry gift guide

Postpartum Supplies

Mommy Matters offers a variety of postpartum care options to promote faster healing like perineal spray, red light therapy, a postpartum support binder, adjustable postpartum undies, and stretchmark cream. Want more postpartum healing gift ideas?

Check out our article: What to Put in Your Postpartum Bathroom

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Earth Mama postpartum mom gift set for baby registry gift guide

Earth Mama Gift Set

Earth Mama Organics’ eco-friendly package includes 5 mini cruelty-free products perfect for a Babymoon, daily use, or the hospital birth bag — a mini citrus deodorant, orange belly butter, Castile body wash, belly oil, and orange ginger lip balm.

Solly Baby Mom & Baby Baby Shower Gift Set

Mom & Baby Bundle

Aside from Solly Baby’s cozy US-made baby swaddle and wrap, this beautiful gift bundle includes a buttery soft robe for pregnancy or postpartum, a keepsake box with a poem, and a milky, mineral-rich bath soak to soothe the body + calm the spirit.

hypnobabies for birth

Hypnobabies for Birth

Using the digital Hypnobirthing Course by Hypnobabies, expecting parents learn about what to expect at birth, their options, self-advocacy, prenatal foods and exercises to prep for birth, and —most importantly— are given self-hypnosis tracks to listen to for a peaceful birth experience. I’ve used Hypnobabies for four of my birth experiences and talk a bit about it in a podcast interview with Hypnobabies Founder, Kerry, here.

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Tiny Health Gut Test for expecting moms baby shower gift

Tin Health Gut Check

Did you know that an expecting mother’s gut health affects the gut health of her baby? TinyHealth’s Pregnancy Gut Health Test evaluates the good and bad bacteria to create an informative dashboard showcasing ways to decrease the bad bacteria, increase the good bacteria you pass onto your baby, and so much more. This test can flag potential preterm labor and gestational diabetes! It’s all easy to understand but a functional health coaching call to review your results with a microbiome specialist makes the experience all the more beneficial.

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Sleepybelly pregnancy pillow for baby registry

Pregnancy Pillow

The Sleepybelly pregnancy pillow can be used as one large piece or three separate pieces of support for use during pregnancy or postpartum. With removable covers for easy washing, this pregnancy pillow adjusts to fit the size of a growing belly and prevent back sleep while pregnant to help reduce back, hip, and pelvic girdle pain.

flo vibrate Baby Registry gift guide

Lymph Massager

Proper drainage of the lymphatic system is key to a happy postpartum — the Flo Vibrate uses advanced Bio Sonic Technology to support lymphatic drainage of the face and neck area but can also help to move milk along or even for use on sore muscles during labor!

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For Baby

Totter & Tumble Morris & Co. playmat

Totter & Tumble Mats

Totter & Tumble Play Mats are eco-friendly, hypoallergenic & easy to clean — making them the perfect spot for everything from diaper changes and tummy time to infant massage, toy building, and postpartum workouts. The variety of stylish double-sided designs allows for versatile use as a rug in common areas of the home too — it’s a dream to walk on. I keep one in my office for my baby clients, one in my kids’ playroom, and another little runner-size mat for when I want a well-supported workout mat. The mats come in different sizes and shapes to meet each family’s needs!

Lovevery Play Kit for Baby Registry Resource Guide

Lovevery Play Kits

Lovevery Play Kits take the guesswork out of what to do with the baby! Each kit is designed for a specific age range or stage of development and includes both appropriate heirloom-quality toys and a booklet with more ways to expand the development-based fun.

Evenflo 360 greenguard car seat baby shower

Evenflo’s Revolve360 Slim 2-in-1 Rotational Car Seat

Evenflo’s Revolve360 Slim 2-in-1 Rotational Car Seat is made with Evenflo’s eco-conscious Green & Gentle fabric, a material free of added chemicals and flame retardants so you don’t need to worry about what may be against your baby’s sensitive skin or off-gassing in the air they breathe. Because this car seat offers rear-facing mode for children 4 lb to 50 lb (17 in. to 48 in.) it extends the length of time your baby can safely stay in rear-facing mode using the same car seat! The car seat’s rotation feature has been called a “game changer” in parent reviews but the Sensor Safe feature and the ability to chat with ParentLink® customer service experts in real-time in addition to LIVE video support from certified car seat safety technicians makes Evenflo’s Revolve360 Slim 2-in-1 Rotational Car Seat a great choice for any new parent.

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Zoe Strollers for baby registry

Zoe Strollers

With an ultra-big SPF 50+ canopy, simple quick fold, lightweight carry, smooth ride, and a deep storage basket it’s no wonder Zoe Strollers are a parent favorite whether they participate in Fit4Mom or not. It’s also a cinch to assemble (which is huge). Choose from The Traveler for travel, The Tourᵛ² for around the block or out and about with a single kiddo, or The Twin for multiple kiddos. You can even add a single stroller to another single stroller or get The Trioᵛ² (for three kids) or The Tribeᵛ² (for four kids).

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Hope & Plum Ring Sling

Beautiful Ring Sling

Ring slings are simple-to-use, compact carriers that also double as a nursing cover, spit-up rag, baby blanket, and more! Hemp ring slings can go in the water and hold heavier tots as well, but Hope & Plum offers free private consultations to find the right ring sling for each family’s needs.

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naturepedic bassinet mattress for baby registry

Safe Mattress

Naturepedic’s Bassinet Mattress fits perfectly into any HALO BassiNest for premium organic comfort and 360 degrees of airflow without polyurethane foam, vinyl/PVC, phthalates, and fire retardants or chemical additives. Gift this mattress as an add-on to a bassinet for peace of mind while baby sleeps, or use it as a changing pad for the floor!

gunamuna baby sleeper for baby registry

Cozy Sleepers

Zippered sleepers are some of the best options for changing a baby’s diaper at night — and gunamuna offers a variety of styles, sizes and TOG ratings for their convertible sleepers created for a safe and comfortable night’s sleep.

The Noggle

The Noggle

It’s difficult to get good airflow to the second or third rows of most cars, and even harder for a rear-facing car seat — until you have The Noggle. This car seat safety tech-approved device allows for more direct airflow to the littles in the back seats so they can stay cool & safe.

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Etta Loves Reversible Travel Playmat

Baby Travel Cushion

Tummy time just got more interesting! Etta Loves designed their organic playmats with an orthoptist to support babies’ visual and cognitive development. The patterns encourage babies to use their back, neck, and shoulder muscles as prep for crawling.

For the Whole Family

infant massage baby registry guide

Infant Massage

Infant massage helps parents and babies sleep better, connect more, and feel less anxious. It has also been known to reduce body tightness and pain in babies, reduce gas and colic, and boost mood. The gift of an on-demand virtual infant massage class will last the new family for years as they continue what they’ve learned as their child grows.

Postpartum bathroom bidet for healing

A Heated Bidet Seat

Though extremely helpful for replacing the peri bottle new moms use in postpartum, the whole family will enjoy the benefits of a warm seat bidet with water temp and nozzle direction control. This is truly a kindness to everyone in the family —similar to warm wipes for a newborn baby.

postpartum meal delivery for baby registry gift guide

Postpartum Education

It doesn’t matter if this is the first baby or the fifth, there’s a lot that changes with each birth, and a lot that’s unknown to most parents. The Complete Postpartum Prep online program equips moms with education and resources so they know what to do when in the thick of the fourth trimester.

AirDoctor gift for new moms-to-be

Fresh Air Purification

Indoor air is often more toxic than the air outside thanks to the off-gassing of products we buy, from paint, and even from second-hand items. Placing an AirDoctor in your home helps to capture mold spores, pollen, bacteria, pet dander, and viruses using an UltraHEPA Filter and Dual Action Carbon/Gas Trap/Voc Filter. It’s not only important for the new baby, but the health of the whole family as they spend more time indoors during the first 40 days postpartum (and beyond).

Branch Basics Cleaning Kit

Safe Cleaning Kit

The arrival of a new baby is the perfect time to ditch the toxins and switch to safer, more eco-friendly cleaning supplies that work well. This starter kit has everything to help an expecting family prep for baby, or a friend/family member to use safely when cleaning house for the new parents as a gift.

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postpartum meals for new mom to be

Postpartum Meals

Remembering to eat is one thing, figuring out what to eat and how to get it is a whole other problem for new parents! Lucky for today’s expecting & new parents, there are now a myriad of meal delivery options created with the fourth trimester in mind. Click the link below to find your favorite meal delivery options to send to new parents.

>> Coming Soon: a shoppable PDF version of The Copy & Paste Baby Registry Gift Guide <<
baby shower dessert table

Navigating Parenthood’s Copy & Paste Baby Registry is focused on eco-friendly/safe options and is split up into simple sections like Mom, Baby, and Whole Family so friends & family can easily find something from one or each category to gift at the baby shower. This guide does not include a crib or separate “nursery” section since not all parents use these and the AAP recommends room sharing for the first year of life. All items in The Copy & Paste Baby Registry were reviewed to ensure we’re recommending quality items. This guide also includes affiliate links and discount codes. (We only sign up to be an affiliate for companies we already plan to recommend.)

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