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4 Diaper Tips Every Parent Should Know

Sometimes getting ready to go somewhere with the baby can feel like packing for a week-long trip. There’s the extra clothes, the teethers, the car toys, the backup toys for when we get to our destination, the water cup, the blanket, the stroller, the backpack… and let’s not forget diapers and wipes! So how do you do it all without forgetting the diapers? Here’s my secret to staying organized in the chaos of parenthood.

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shed on 1/11/2018 and was recently updated on 4/6/2022.

Ordering online or via an app

I order diapers and wipes online or in my Target app to get the best deal and save the hassle of running out of diapers before getting in the store. Having diapers shipped with a subscription will save you the hassle of going anywhere near a store which will save on gas (prices are extreme right now!) and you might get a discount for opting for a recurring order/subscription. Just remember to adjust the order frequency and diaper size as needed before it ships! Ordering via an app like the Target app allows for convenient drive-up orders when you’re in a pinch and need your diapers/wipes fast.

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Prepare diaper changing zones

You never know when an explosive poop will happen. I’ve had so many incidents of this with all of my kids that I try to have diaper baskets with all the diaper sizes and wipes I’d need in several main zones throughout the house. Those situations need to be changed ASAP (before little hands end up touching it and smearing it alllll over). You’ll find this helpful as your baby gets older and doesn’t like his diaper changed, too (it needs to be a quick change).

The zones in my house are typically next to my bed, in their room, and in the living room (with at least one set on both levels of the house). Another important zone? The car! I’m always thankful for my backup car diapers and wipes if we’re out and I discover that I ran out of diapers/wipes in my diaper bag or we end up needing more than I packed in my bag. You really just never know when an accident will happen … so I try to leave backup wipes/diapers and clothes in the trunk of the car for the kids under age 6.

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Buy in bulk

Not only does ordering the larger value pack of diapers and wipes save money (there are often “spend X get $X gift card” deals) but it allows you to split the necessities with your family or childcare provider. My mom lives an hour away but it can take several hours in traffic so I sometimes leave wipes and diapers there to avoid worrying about packing enough. The best part? You won’t need to go back to Target for just one thing (and end up spending $500+) for a long time.

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Include your little one

I saved this for last but it’s the most important tip I have for you — include your little one! It’s their body that you are doing a diaper change or diaper and clothing change to! Talk to your baby from birth and explain what you are about to do and why. Ask if it’s OK. Hand them a teether, book or favorite toy to keep their little hands busy while you change their diaper so that their hands don’t reach down and touch any poop, but otherwise, include them! Make eye contact, communicate, ask for them to help as they get older. Understand that you’ll need to adapt to how your little one wants their diaper changed as they get older. You may need to breastfeed your wiggly baby as you change her diaper for her or you may need to change your toddler standing up before he runs off to play some more. The changing table won’t be used as much as you think and the floor, stroller, your lap, the bed, etc. will be used for diaper changes more than you think

Have a diaper changing tip of your own? Please share it in the comments, I’d love to hear it!

4 Diaper Tips Every Parent Should Know
4 Diaper Tips Every Parent Should Know

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  1. Parents Choice Diapers have seriously come a log way! Their designs are so stinking cute and they hold really well! We love using their diapers!

  2. Shari, I love your being prepared tip!!! So smart!

  3. Brittany Ashmore says:

    Great tips! Buying in bulk is so key!!! Saves time and money! Win! Great post!