sitting on birthing ball at desk, researching things while babywearing

Our Discount Codes & Affiliate Links

sitting on birthing ball at desk, researching things while babywearing

One of the benefits of working with so many amazing brands is that they often offer great discounts to our readers. Here, you’ll find discount codes to some of our favorite brands for families using our affiliate links! As a reminder, affiliate links are links to the brand’s website that include a tracking code at the end to let the brand know that you clicked on a link from me to order from them. Doing so doesn’t change the price of anything on their website or cost you anything, but it does allow for Navigating Parenthood to be paid a percentage of the sale as a thank you from the business. This amount varies based on what the company has decided to pay its’ affiliates using its marketing budget. It’s incredibly easy to support Navigating Parenthood by choosing to click one of the links listed here when you choose to shop with these businesses, but it means the world to me because it helps with all of the expenses to keep the business running. Thank you so much for your support!

MAMA (expecting & postpartum)

Kindred Bravely: Amazing PJs, nightgowns, and undies for pregnancy, postpartum recovery, and nursing. Read my latest review about their goodies in the Holiday Gift Guide for Postpartum Nursing Moms!

Needed: An amazing prenatal vitamin packed with the nutrients you need during pregnancy without the junk you don’t need! I love that it comes in an optional powder form for those of us who can’t stand pills.

The Birth Ball: Trust me, you’re going to want one during labor! I really liked using my birth ball for exercises to prep for labor and soothing baby at home after birth. Now, I use my birth ball as a chair at my desk! The Birth Ball comes with a book filled with exercises for during and after labor as well as ways to use the ball for comfort measures while birthing.

Tubby Todd: Whether you need belly oil, nipple balm, or lotion, Tubby Todd has you covered! There are some cute mama sets, too! Save 10% off your order simply by using my link!

Trust & Will: It sounds a bit morbid, but if you don’t already have a will or living trust set up, now is the time! I waited way too long to set mine up — like 5 kids and decades to long — but Trust & Will made the process easy when I did after the birth of my last baby and I wish I had set everything up sooner.

The Spoiled Mama: Whether you’re looking for safe skincare or stretch mark cream, they’ve got you covered. Their cream was my favorite with my first baby — it smells so good!

Undercover Mama: Cute breastfeeding-friendly clothes.

MUTU System: The perfect prenatal and postpartum workout for a strong core and for those with muscle separation.

Mrs. Patel’s: This is my favorite place to buy lactation teas from and the cookies are delicious!


Tubby Todd: From bubble bath to lavender wash and shampoo, Tubby Todd is a favorite of many families. Save 10% off your order simply by using my link!

LOVEVERY: They offer developmental subscription boxes, a cute multi-use block box, and a beautiful baby play gym.

ErgoBaby: Get 30% off their newborn baby bundle using my link!

Nanit: Clear video, sleep tracking, and breathing monitoring made simple.

KIDS (ages 2-9)

Loog Guitars: Read more about Loog in my Toddler Gift Guide.

Bookoroo: Adorable hand-wrapped subscription boxes filled with books for all different ages of children. Save 15% off with code BOOKS2LOVE.


Amazon: With 2-day shipping and oodles of daily deals, Amazon is the place to shop online!

Target: Good for clothes, home furniture … everything, basically. Get 30% off kids’ furniture and up to 50% off toys on 12/3.

Farm Fresh to You: Have fresh, seasonal produce delivered straight to your door from farmers near you! This benefits the environment AND your health. Use code SAVE15 for $15 off your box.

Mary Ruth Organics: I’m a big fan of their D3+Calcium Gummies and B12 spray but just ordered Tumeric Gummies too! I love their satisfaction guarantee, too.

Rakuten: This is an awesome web extension that notifies you if they have an affiliate partnership with a website. If they do, and you click the notification to earn cash back, the business’ website will reload using the Rakuten link and you’ll get cashback for your purchase straight to your PayPal account (or wherever you designate your money will go). The cashback amount varies depending on the website. Some are 10%, others only 1% but during the holidays some companies double their cashback percentage and when they do the widget will notify you. Sign up using my link and you’ll get $10 after your first $20 purchase! I do ask that if a website that I’ve listed here as an affiliate website is clicked by you that you do not then click to earn the Ratuken cashback (unless it’s a good amount, then I don’t blame you) — that will make it a Ratuken affiliate link and I won’t get the affiliate commission. I use this extension for travel purchases, shopping at Lowe’s, shopping at Macy’s, etc.


Flodesk: This is the email platform I use to send emails. I love that it’s the same flat rate whether I have 0 subscribers or 100,000.

ShareASale: Become an affiliate and make money recommending businesses you love!

Don’t see a link or coupon for a site you frequently shop at and love? Let me know and I’ll add it!

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