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Floral Spring Pregnancy Photo Card

Spring is here, and what better way to celebrate the season than with our free download of floral Spring photo cards? As a semi-crunchy mom of 5 and postpartum educator and doula, I understand the importance of capturing pregnancy and baby milestones, and these photo cards are a perfect way to do just that. In this post, I’m sharing some ideas for using our floral Spring photo cards for pregnancy and monthly baby updates, plus you’ll get the free download!

Pregnancy update Spring photo cards

Belly progression photos

Use our floral Spring photo cards to track your belly progression throughout your pregnancy. Place the card next to your belly in each photo to show how your belly is growing.

Announcement photos

Use our floral Spring photo cards to make a pregnancy announcement or gender reveal announcement. Hold the card in your hands or place it next to a sonogram photo for a cute and creative way to share the news.

Baby shower invitations

Use our floral Spring photo cards as part of your baby shower invitations. Take a photo holding the card and include it in the invitation for a personal touch.

weekly pregnancy update with floral photo card

Monthly baby update Spring photo cards

Milestone photos

Use our floral spring photo cards to capture your baby’s monthly milestones. Place the card next to your baby in each photo to show their age and the milestone they reached!

Seasonal Photos

Use our floral spring photo cards to capture seasonal photos of your baby. Use props like flowers or springtime decorations to create a festive and fun atmosphere.

Social media updates

Use our floral spring photo cards to share monthly updates of your baby on social media. Take a photo of your baby with the card and share it with your followers to keep them up-to-date on your baby’s growth and development.

Download the floral Spring photo cards

I made some monthly seasonal-themed week-by-week bump cards during my pregnancy with River but I wanted to create different photo cards that you can use to showcase weeks or months as well as both pregnancy updates and your baby’s growth. To allow for versatile use, these numbered Spring photo cards don’t have “weeks” or “months” written under the numbers so you can use them however you’d like!

printable photo cards

Floral Spring photo card printing directions

  1. Fill out the form below to join our newsletters and you’ll be sent to the PDf link for the floral pregnancy milestone cards downloadable/printable PDF.
  2. Download the file.
  3. Place medium-weight cardstock in white or a light cream (or simply just quality paper).
  4. Choose which page you’d like to print based on your baby’s age (if taking the baby’s first-year update photos) or your stage in pregnancy (for pregnancy bump updates). These cannot be printed double-sided.
  5. After printing, let the ink dry a few minutes then cut to your liking. In previous week-by-week photos, I cut my cards to have the classic card shape (though I also designed the wreaths to be cut this way, too). This time, I made the cards different and decided to cut closer to the wreath outline for a round photo card. But this new design allows you to decide how you’d like to cut your own cards.
  6. Enjoy! Take photos and tag @NavigatingParenthood on social media so I can see your pics!

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Floral Spring Pregnancy Photo Card

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