close up image of the mountain clothing dividers
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Mountain Themed Baby Clothing Organizers

Organizing the heaps of baby clothes you inevitably get from friends and family is one of the bigger pre-baby chores. I advise against washing everything you’re given but am a huge fan of hanging up what you have by size so that you can see what’s available and which sizes you’ll need more of. To do this, you’ll need some great clothing dividers!

Photo of baby clothes hanging in a closet

I created celestial-themed clothing dividers for my son’s nursery before he was born but now that he’s a toddler with a mountain adventure-themed room, I wanted to make some new dividers to match.

close up image of the mountain clothing organizers

The beauty of these dividers is that you can make them your own. I chose to use matte white heavyweight paper when printing them out and to round the corners while cutting, but you could choose a different type of paper and cut the dividers to any shape you’d like to make them you’re own. If you want to jazz them up, you could add some non-toxic sparkly nail polish or another type of decoration (just don’t use regular glitter since that could come off into the clothes and be a hazard).

mountain clothing organizer image

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