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Airy Floral Bohemian Nursery

I’m a big fan of bohemian chic so I was drawn to an airy floral bohemian nursery room design. This style allowed me to seamlessly use fun keepsakes from my Mother Blessing and modern furniture from my son’s old nursery room. But in the end, it’s a unique space that brightens up my day whenever I look at it.

Figuring out a cohesive theme for Nora’s floral nursery room took a while since we didn’t decide on her name until she was born so I couldn’t base the theme on that. I was really focused on the fact that she was due in December and thought about wallpaper with snow-covered birch trees or decals of Holly and other festive florals. I also considered a sort of desert theme with a cactus growth chart and the Sun pillow that’s in her crib in the photos. That theme led me to pick up some paler floral items that might lend themselves to the desert, which made her space very floral.

close up of floral bohemian crib

While trying not to go overboard on the bohemian theme or use of the color pink, I used pieces like fringe baskets, pillows, whimsical flowers, and an airy canopy with LED string lights as a sort of nursery room lamp to make the room feel complete. The natural beechwood color of Nora’s wooden name from Pew Pew Lasercraft on the wall and the crib’s legs give the nursery room an Earthy feel. I also added a little wreath I found on clearance at Target for a touch of yellow to tie into the other flowers and the Sun pillow for a break in the pinks.

Noras floral bohemian nursery room

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bohemian crescent moon well wishes hoop

Target had some cute celestial ornaments around Christmastime (metallic stars and moons) so to make Nora’s space more bohemian and also pay homage to River’s old celestial nursery room design, I picked some up and used a crescent moon to decorate the ring of good wishes that were made by guests at my Mother Blessing. Everything came together nicely and I’m excited to use the space!

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Airy Floral Bohemian Nursery

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