Outfit of the Month: July

Now that Savvy Every Day is covering style a bit more, I thought I’d include an Outfit of the Month every month or so. This month’s Outfit of the Month for Savannah and I have actually been our favorites for a few months. Keep reading for a quick look at our favorite looks, and to see where you can get something similar.

Women’s Outfit of the Month

My favorite outfit for myself in July was the baseball look. It’s great for a casual day, baseball game, painting, or even lunch with friends and it’s super comfortable without losing my shape. With this look I keep my proportions balanced with skinny jeans on bottom, then a cami and slightly less tight (almost baggy) shirt on top. Though accessories are simple to add, this look can go without them, too. Here’s a bit more (CLICK) on this look, along with where to find a similar style you can buy (scroll down to the bottom) since the look I’m wearing includes $7 jeans from the clearance section at a store on Black Friday, a Costco cami and a VS PINK Cubbies shirt I bought online more than 4 years ago.


Toddler/Preschool Girls Outfit of the Month

Feltman Brothers sent me this adorable white/pink Rose Garden Dress ($62) for Savannah back in March so she wore it to a friend’s birthday party (where she received her own belated birthday gift as seen below), then wore it for Easter and keeps wearing it every so often whenever she feels like being a princess or dressing up. She even wore it when we planted a tree in our backyard (and I’m wearing a baseball tee in that pic, too)!

Feltman Brothers_colalgelogo

It’s really one of those dresses that we can hold onto and pass on from generation to generation, just like some outfits my mom has from when I was a baby. The hand-embroidered roses and waist smoking is so lovely, and I adore the butterfly sleeves, bow, and horizontal pin tucks bordering the bottom of the dress. It’s simply a classic, timeless dress that she loves to wear time and time again, making it this month’s Outfit of the Month for S.

I received a Rose Garden Dress from Feltman Brothers for this review. All opinions are my own. All images are copyrighted and may not be used without my permission.

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