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Postpartum Items for Mom & Baby I’m Glad I Had

They say that every child is different, and it’s true — right down to the birth and postpartum experiences. Having two kiddos now instead of one was another big difference this time around . . . and of course, there are new postpartum products I didn’t know about the first time. Keep reading for my postpartum recommendations for baby and mom — what I’m glad I had.

This post contains some affiliate links (if you purchase something I get money toward my Chai habit or diapers).

BabyBjorn Bouncer in bathroom

Baby Care Products

BabyBjorn Bliss Bouncer: This one is possibly more for mom because I’m not sure how I’d go pee or shower without one (as shown in my photo recreation lol). I love the smart simple design that allows baby’s weight to naturally create the bouncing motion. It folds flat so that I don’t have another thing to trip on and has a few height adjustments! This grey one fits nicely with my color scheme, too.

Little Giraffe Luxe Herringbone Blanket: A soft blanky to treasure is a must and this is the softest blanket around! I love wrapping River in his blanket and feeding him so we’re both snuggled comfortably.

Reading books with River

Plum & Sparrow Moses Basket: This is a classic essential I knew that I’d really want. The designs are beautiful and your purchase helps provide health care and schooling to the village in Africa that produces these Fair Trade baskets. I find it super helpful to have River in the basket when he falls asleep so that I can move him from one room to the other with me without waking him.

putting River in the ring sling

LilleBaby Nimbus Cloud Ring Sling: I added ring slings to my babywearing items and just love the LilleBaby ring sling! It’s easy to use, has a removable pouch for my phone and keys and is simply gorgeous. River either goes to sleep drinking milk or in his ring sling.

Bebe Au Lait Swaddles: I can’t do anything without these soft swaddles! Swaddling River up in them was a big help early on, but I also carry them around as a light blanket during hot days to keep bugs and too much sun away (or too much AC in the car). They’re super handy for when River spits up most of what he just ate, too, since I always have one on-hand. Oh, and they make pretty cute numbers for tracking his growth.

Beluga Baby WrapWhen River was just a week old I put him in my wrap so I could finish putting his nursery room together and get some other things done. It was a huge help!

holding river tight in gray baby wrap

Mama Care Products

Upspring Pure Organic Coconut Oil: Skin can be extremely dry postpartum. I had skin discoloration that turned out to be super dry skin that I could clean away after applying the coconut oil. I’ve used it on River’s rashes and my stretch marks, too, and am so glad MommyCon sent it to us Parent Squad members to check out.

Upspring Shrinkx Belly Bamboo Charcoal: When I had S I was in my 20s and fairly fit so I lost the baby weight and got a fairly flat stomach within a day or so of birth. But with River, I started the pregnancy overweight for my BMI and I’m 32 so my body didn’t bounce back quite the same postpartum. I wish I had this belly wrap to use after the first few weeks postpartum, but I got it at 2.5 months to review for the MommyCon Parent Squad and it’s still been helpful. It’s a great tool for guiding your body back to shape while it’s changing.

opening Elvie

Elvie: Everyone always talks about how important the pelvic floor is, but sometimes it’s hard to reconnect with it after giving birth. I had no clue if I was squeezing what I thought I was, or if at all after I had my first kiddo. The Elvie device works with its own app to guide you through kegel tests that are as little as 5-minutes long to strengthen your pelvic muscles.

Cloth Diapers: The concept can seem scary if you’re not a pro, but having some diapers on-hand is so helpful to the environment and your budget. Right now, I’m trying Cotton Babies brand’s Flip Diapers for during the night when I know River will probably only be going pee (I’m not ready for poop changes yet).

A Good Nursing Bra: Seriously. Sometimes, I just can’t get that bra open fast enough haha. Get a great nursing bra if you’re breastfeeding and don’t forget the nursing pads! I like the ones from Bamboobies because the heart shape doesn’t show all weird in a bra like the circular ones sometimes can.

Nursing Cami: Sometimes you don’t want to put on clothes, or you have to get dressed but really don’t feel like soaking through a bra and shirt. On days like that, I stick with my nursing nightgown or put on a nursing cami and some jeans (OK, leggings).

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