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Gift Ideas for Kiddos for Ages 3 and Up

Not sure what to get the kids or grandkids? It can be tough when they want everything in every single commercial on TV and across the apps on their tablet. Here’s a simple list of gift ideas for kiddos that could be great for ages 3 and up to get you started!

Keep reading for a great kiddo gift guide!

Updated Oct. 2022

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Inside this kiddo gift guide, I have included electronics, noise-free toys, and toys that will grow with your kids! So, you might say that this is a super helpful gift guide for kiddos! Let’s dive in.

Gift Ideas for Kiddos

corgi squishmallow for kids

Corgi Squsihmallow

This is one of those super cute gift ideas on every kiddo’s wishlist! How cute is this corgi!

bounce house gift idea for kids

Bounce House for Kids

Bring the party home with this fun gift idea for kiddos!

glow stick gift idea for kids

Huge Pack of Glow Sticks

Glow sticks are always a great option for entertaining kids of all ages. Grab this huge pack and spread them around your kid’s stockings!

kinetic sand gift ideas for kiddos

Kinetic Sand Kit

Kinetic sand is one of the best great gift ideas for kiddos because it is a QUIET activity for them that will keep them busy and out of your hair! Win-win!

crayola light board kid gift idea

Crayola Ultimate Light Board

This is another great quiet gift idea for kids! Plus they can reuse it over and over again, making it a gift idea for kiddos that lasts over the years!

trampoline kiddo gift idea

Kids Trampoline Big Gift Idea

This is the biggest one of the gift ideas for kiddos in this post, but well worth it! It’ll last their entire childhood and into their teen years!

monkey bars kiddo gift idea

Kids Monkey Bars

If you have a nice size backyard with some grass, these monkey bars for kids are a great idea!

play osmo gift idea for kiddos

Play Osmo Starter Pack for Kids

Looking for educational gift ideas for kids? Check out Play Osmo! They have tons of kits you can buy alongside the starter pack too.

paw patrol video game gift idea for kiddos

Paw Patrol Video Game

Not into the whole video game thing yet, but want to let them test out the waters? This kids video game is a great option!

magnatiles kiddo gift idea

Magna-Tiles Starter Kit

Magna-Tiles are a great gift idea for all of the kids. They can play together and hopefully, stay pretty quiet and occupied while you get things done.

sketch board gift idea for kids

Travel Sketch Board

Wanting to add a travel gift idea because your family travels a lot? This travel sketch board is a great gift option for kids of any age!

kids camera gift idea 2022

Kids Digital Camera

Finally, the last of the gift ideas for kids. A digital camera! Another good one that’ll last over the years until you upgrade them to a phone.

Are any of these items on your list for the kids? What is your favorite gift idea from this kiddo gift guide?

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