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Posted on 10/25/2018

Toddler-Friendly Eerie Halloween Porch Decorations

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Decorating for holidays with a toddler around can be challenging — especially for Halloween. You don’t want the decorations to be too scary or too uninteresting, and everything needs to be well out of reach so they don’t destroy or attempt to eat it. The key is to keep decorations simple, but fun. Keep reading for my take on eerie (but not scary) toddler-friendly Halloween decorations for the porch.

Wayfair Eerie entryways banner

I normally skip Halloween decorations and go right into general Fall decorations to cover both Halloween and Thanksgiving, but this year is a bit different. Not only is it my son’s first real Halloween since he can walk around and trick or treat with his big sis, but we have a bunch of new neighbors who have been going all out for the holiday. I mean all out. From lights and sounds to cardboard displays and signs of all types. It’s been really fun to see how much the kids enjoy all the displays, but it definitely put the pressure on for me to do something spooky this year, too. The problem? I’m about 8 months pregnant and my toddler is a mini tornado so I needed to go with something simple but effective.

Halloween "Boo" sign made of black balloons

I started decorating with a Halloween party banner, some shimmery tinsel and a bunch of white paper flowers that would fit Day of the Dead and Halloween, but all of it kept falling down because it’s really difficult to get things to stay on a stucco house. So the banner and flowers were nixed and my “BOO” balloon arrangement moved to the door. The balloons fit perfectly on the door and cover the yarn and hook for my “Eek!” spider sign.

first Halloween decorations

Black Halloween "BOO" balloon on door

Because I got rid of the banner, I added foam bat and star stickers all over the porch. They were easy to put up, don’t put holes in the house, and will be super simple to take down. The bonus is that my tot really likes them and they aren’t dangerous if he happens to take one off the wall. We topped the scene off with some fake spider webs and a few pumpkins to give it a good Halloween feel. The final thing I added was a black welcome mat that almost looks like it has a spider web design. I already had one in the front of the house but added another right at the front door so they match and go with the theme.

Do you decorate for Halloween? What are your favorite tips for decorating with littles?

Toddler-Friendly Eerie Halloween Porch Decorations


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