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7 Things You’ll Need if You’re Trying to Conceive

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The pregnancy journey isn’t always easy. For many, getting pregnant requires a lot of work and careful planning. But with the right tools to help you get there, it can happen. If you’re trying to conceive, check out this list of things that can help.

First Response triple check pregnancy test on counter after trying to conceive

Sound Nutrition

If your body isn’t getting the nutrition it needs it’s that much harder for you to support a pregnancy. Hydrating with water is also very important when prepping for pregnancy (and throughout your pregnancy once you become pregnant).

Good Vitamins

Did you know that it’s best to start taking prenatal vitamins before you’re pregnant? Taking the right kind of vitamins when trying to conceive can help to ensure a healthy pregnancy. I personally take Vitamin B-12, Vitamin D3 (pregnancy takes a lot out of you), probiotics, and prenatal vitamins. Check the labels of different vitamins at the store and compare their contents to find the one that’s right for you. It’s really hard for me to take pills so I buy chewable vitamins and vitamin sprays.

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Careful Planning

One of the most well-known tools to use when trying to conceive is an ovulation kit like First Response Ovulation Plus Pregnancy — it comes with 7 ovulation tests and a pregnancy test! Ovulation tests identify your most fertile days so you can try to conceive when your chances are better. Here’s how one mom used daily ovulation tests on her journey.

Fertility-Friendly Products

You also want to be sure that you’re taking into account the other big player in this fertility journey — your partner’s sperm. Not all lubricants are created equal! When you’re trying to conceive be sure to use a lubricant that’s safe for sperm and helps sperm swim freely. First Response Pre-Seed Personal Lubricant mimics the fluids in your own body and has been clinically shown to be fertility-friendly. Mama of two, Brandi Riley has even shared why she used Pre-Seed Personal Lubricant when trying to conceive her second child.

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Pregnancy Tests

A pregnancy test that you can trust is crucial when trying to conceive. In the past, I’ve written about how First Response Pregnancy Tests are my go-to test since they’re really the only ones I trust. They’re 99% accurate* and both the Early Result and Digital Pregnancy tests can tell you if you’re pregnant up to 6 days before you even miss your period! I’m a big fan of the First Response Triple Check Pregnancy Test pack when it comes to family planning. With three different tests, you get the reassurance you need that your results are accurate.

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Journal Often

Your birth journey starts when you’re trying to conceive. Consider creating a journal (either for yourself or for your future little one) to express your feelings through the process. Not only will it feel good to get the words out, but this journal will become an important piece of a much larger puzzle down the road.

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Take Time for Zen

It doesn’t matter if you like yoga or meditation, take some time to re-center yourself and allow a calm to wash over you. Stress affects all of us in different ways and it can affect your pregnancy journey. There are many great apps that offer general affirmations and meditation, or some specific to trying to conceive and pregnancy. Practicing the ability to find your calm allows you to access a new tool that will come in handy throughout pregnancy, birth, and into motherhood (trust me).

*For Early Result and Digital Pregnancy Tests: >99% accurate at detecting typical pregnancy hormone levels from the day of your expected period. For Rapid Result Pregnancy Test: >99% accurate at detecting typical pregnancy hormone levels from the day of your missed period. Note that hormone levels vary. See insert.

7 Things You'll Need if You're Trying to Conceive

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