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3 Tips for Baby Proof Christmas Decorating

It’s a tradition for my family to decorate the tree together just after Thanksgiving. I normally bring out a bin of ornaments we’ve used over the years as well as a few sentimental ones we’ve picked up since being married and having kids. But this year is a little different — we have a super inquisitive crawling baby — so we’re using a few new tips I’ve found for baby proof Christmas decorating.

How to Baby Proof Your Christmas Decor

Baby proofing your Christmas decor is easier than you think! Stick to this rule: less is more! We’ll get into it down below, but my best tip for baby proof Christmas decorating is keeping the tree (and other Christmas decor) as simple as possible. While it might look a bit barren to you, just think, you won’t be chasing decor around the house all season long! Major win in my book.

3 Tips for Baby Proof Christmas Decorating

The best tips for baby proofing Christmas decor include:

  • trying out a different Christmas tree
  • keeping the tree simple
  • including your baby in the decorating

That last one might sound a bit off, but we’ll get to that down below!

Here are my best tips for baby proof Christmas decorating!

1. Try a Different Christmas Tree

We opted for an artificial tree this year to save from the fallen pine mess and possible hazard. I’m a huge fan of real trees and miss the smell, but this 9-foot pre-lit tree of ours has made baby’s first Christmas so much safer by making it easier to keep the area clean. There are even Upside Down Christmas Trees, that could work so you can easily baby proof your Christmas decor. Have you seen these? SO cool. This trendy tree style dates back to medieval Europe and is perfect for homes with curious tots and pets.

placing Christmas ornaments on the tree

2. Keep the Tree Simple

Since we have a pre-lit tree there wasn’t really much we needed to add to it when decorating so we kept our usual breakable ornaments in the Christmas decoration bin and just added a few new ones. My best tip for baby proof Christmas decorating: look for shatter-resistant ornaments or skip ornaments altogether the first year. If you do add them, be sure to leave the area within baby’s reach free of ornaments. Pictures of babies holding ornaments are cute (see below), but it’s a real danger if one drops near baby, or they find one and start chomping on it. Another way to keep it simple? Don’t worry about covering the tree with ornaments! Ours is near a wall this year so I was able to put a minimal amount around the front and sides then leave the back bare.

If you’re looking to go with some shatter-resistant ornaments, check these ones out!

R with ornament - baby proof christmas decorating

3. Include Your Little One

Be sure to include your little one in the decorating process so that they understand the ornaments go on the tree and talk to them a little bit about why they go there. This can really help baby proof the Christmas decorating experience. Depending on their age it might not all sink in, but they’re listening. S helped me decorate and I held the baby while putting up ornaments this year.

I hope these tips for baby proof Christmas decorating help you this holiday season!

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how to baby proof christmas decor

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  1. I really like the 9′ Silver Upside Down Christmas Tree with 1000 Warm White LED Lights and Stand

  2. I think I like the silver one with soft white lights. A prelit tree is a must! Byt this year we’re skipping the tree cuz of our crazy, curious crawler (and four cats!!) Love that photo of baby by the tree though, SO cute!

  3. Kimmy Ripley says:

    5.5′ Silver Upside Down Christmas Tree with 250 LED Clear Dura-Lit Lights with Stand
    Would be absolutely amazing to have downstairs in the finished basement of our first house we bought last year. I want a tree down there so bad. I am head over heels in love with this upside down tree! Sooooo neat!

  4. My favorite is the American Upside Down 6′ Green Artificial Christmas Tree with 600 LED. Neat idea!

  5. Alissa Cheong says:

    I like the 7.5′ unit green spruce tree because it has a more full, natural shape, and you can choose exactly how you want to decorate it with lights! I’ve never seen these before, they’re pretty cool. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Karen bellomy says:

    Love the 7.5 foot tree and this article was lovely thanks for sharing

  7. I like the 4′ Grand Teton Artificial Christmas Teardrop Swag with LED Warm Clear Lights! Perfect for my small apartment.

  8. It’s always so fun to share family time with decorating! I like the corner one – saves a lot of space. 🙂

  9. These are crazy! Love the Pre-Lit Palm Tree 7.5′ Green Upside Down Floor Artificial Christmas Tree with 600 Clear & White Lights with Stand 🙂

  10. I really like the look of the silver tree they have. I have always wanted a white tree, but always settle for green.

  11. The 6’ white one by vickerman looks interesting. I am not sure yet about a green upside down tree.
    Love the pictures in the post

  12. manda shank says:

    I like the Grand Teton tree

  13. Maria Resnik says:

    The 7.5 ft crystal white!! No need for lights or tinsel!!

  14. Colorful Upside Down 5.5′ Green Artificial Christmas Tree

  15. Amy McGill says:

    I like the 7.5′ upside down artificial Christmas tree with clear lights by The Holiday Aisle.

    And I love the pics of you and the kids! 🙂

    1. Nice choice! Thank you, it’s getting harder to have S in photos because she’s a mini teenager, but I’m happy when I can get them haha.

  16. ashley peavey says:

    Love it! Such cute photos too!

  17. What a cutie with that Santa hat, Love your pre-lit tree and the shatterproof ornaments I agree is the way to go.

  18. Literally, the upside tree is awesome. I wish I would have known before putting ours up. We have a crazy cat, a pit bull, another dog and a baby… It’s currently surrounded and blocked by chairs, dog food container, and dining table.